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g Marker 


Volume 61 

Number 1 

Wmter > 2015 

President's Message 

Up the Tracks 

LSR Convention 

The Circus Comes to Town 

We are Finished 

Lessons Learned 

Elf 2014 

It's Christmas Time Again 
Round Town with Roy 
Pass Exchange 

Pike/Dealer Ads 

Lone Star Region Call Board 
LSR Officers 

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Volume 61, Number 1 



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The editorial policy of The Marker Lamp, the 
official publication of The Lone Star Region, 
shall be to contribute, wherever possible, to the 
promotion, growth and understanding of the 
hobby of Model Railroading, within the confines 
of good taste and responsibility. The Marker 
Lamp is published once each quarter by and 
for the members of The Lone Star Region 
of The National Model Railroad Association. 
Articles appearing in The Marker Lamp are the 
opinions of the authors and do not necessarily 
reflect the position or policies of the officers or 
membership of The Lone Star Region or The 
National Model Railroad Association. 

Address all correspondence, news, photos and 
drawings to the editor. All material will be gladly 
accepted and will be used depending on the 
availability of space and suitability of material. 
None will be returned unless a stamped, 
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spondence relating to Pike Ads and Dealer 
Ads should be addressed to Donna Orr, 2625 
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Cover photo 
Tehachipi Loop 

Craig Tribuzi 

Submission Deadlines & 
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Winter Issue January 15 

Spring Issue April 15 

Summer Issue July 15 

Fall Issue October 15 

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Approx. 30 Days After Deadline. 

Materials received after the deadline will 
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I Tie Marker Lamp 

Page 2 



by Steve Barkley, MMR 

The Mid-Year Meeting was convened January 31st here 
in Beaumont where the 2015 convention will be held this 
coming July 22 through 25. My home is in Beaumont, and 
I volunteered to hold an operating session for several of 
the attendees. So, for the past month IVe been in the train 
room tweaking semaphore signals, troubleshooting switches, 
cleaning track, running test trains, and hunting gremlins. 

I hoped that I had caught and banished most of the 
gremlins that live in my train room. Some still came to life 
on operations day. They were not welcome! Still, a good time 
was had by all. 

A good friend, Marty Naul, explained this to me. When 
the owner of a layout hosts an operating session, many more 
modelers will be running trains than normal. Many guest 
operators do not know the layout. More mistakes are made. 
Derailments increase. An operating session “stress tests” a 
layout, reveals hidden or previously ignored problems, and 
wakes up and motivates the gremlins. 

Still, operating sessions are fun! Many of you have been 
fortunate to see and perhaps operate on Don Bozemans 
Great Great Northern Railway in Houston. He has 
developed operating rules for guest operators. Rule Number 
1 is “You are here to operate, but not at the expense of 
having FUN!” Check out Dons layout and the remainder of 
his rules for visiting operators at: http://www.donbozman. 

LSR Convention Chair 

Bill McPherson resigned as the LSR Convention Chair 
following the Mid-Year meeting. He had been considering 
this change for some time. Please read his article reflecting 
on his service in this issue. 

I was privileged to present Bill with the Presidents 
Award at our last convention. Not only did Bill serve as the 
Convention Chair for many years, he also served two terms 
as LSR President, terms as the LSR Vice President, and will 
continue to serve as the LSR Board Advisor. 

Jack Merkel, MMR has agreed to serve as the new LSR 
Convention Chair. Jack served several terms as the LSR 
Centex Division 4 Director. He was Convention Chairman 
for the last highly successful Round Rock convention. 
Welcome, Jack! 

2016 Convention in Arlington 

Mike Mackey and John Garfield have volunteered 
to chair the 2016 LSR Convention. It will be held in 
Arlington, Texas. John and Mike are excited about bringing 
the LSR back to the Metroplex. 

2015 Convention in Beaumont 

The 2015 LSR Convention will be in Beaumont July 
22 — 25. This is the first time the LSR has held its annual 
convention in Beaumont. George Bohn is the convention 
chair. Take a look through his article in this issue for a 
preview of what to expect. I think that you and your families 
will enjoy coming to Southeast Texas for our convention. 

My layout will be open for visitation and for at least one 
operating session during the convention. Dave Cummings 
and Mickey Taylor will both have their layouts open. Several 
modular layouts will be set up at the convention hotel. 
Operating sessions will be hosted at the convention on these 
modular layouts. Come learn how much fun operating on a 
modular layout can be. Check out the convention website: 
http://www.lsr20 1 5 .com/ 

Please come to the LSR Convention in Beaumont 
July 22 - 26. You 11 have a great time, sample Southeast 
Texas seafood, operate on modular layouts, and visit some 
interesting and unique home layouts. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 3 

On the Relationship of CVs, 
Thesis Statements, 
and Place 

by Riley Triggs 

One of two 44-tonners on the Hoboken Shore Railroad [ 700 is clean and ready to work along the cobblestone streets of the 
rough and decidedly unglamorous Hudson River waterfront. Photo in collection of author. 

recent long email thread between modelers in 
Kansas City and Austin has centered around CV settings 
(Configuration Variable - how one programs a DCC 
decoder) for realistic operation of locomotives. The concern 
has been to accurately set momentum, braking, and 
sounds properly to achieve the feeling of running an actual 
locomotive. This feeds directly into a running conversation 
among several of my modeling friends about the central 
organizing principle of layouts, or the thesis statement, that 
governs decisions about the construction and operation of 
a layout. Like anything in life, I believe having a central 
conceptual basis, or reason, for what you are doing with your 
layout makes your endeavor more cohesive, focused and 
helps it communicate your vision and intent more clearly. 

I will concede that a majority of modelers may believe 
that a rigorous conceptual basis for a model railroad takes 
the fun out of the pursuit, because the enjoyment comes 
from doing whatever seems like fun at the moment. I can 
not stress enough that I have no problem with spontaneity 
and undirected play at all as a fun way to practice model 
railroading. (See my Fall 2013 ML editorial in vol 59, 
number 4 where I talk about modeling to escape versus 

modeling to engage.) But, suspend your disbelief for a 
moment if you think that modeling to engage sounds too 
much like work, and please think of it as just getting really 
involved in playing. 

A huge part of any game and even undirected play 
involves a set of rules, or constraints, that make the game 
more fun for everyone, even if you are the only one playing, 
because how are you going to know what you are doing or 
if you are doing it well or not without rules? For me, having 
that central organizing principle or thesis statement is rule 
number one. Without knowing what I am setting out to 
do, how will I know if I do it or not? There may be several 
types of theses possible, but I would say that they are all sub 
categories of a very large catch-all bucket of categories that 
involve the idea and communication of the qualities of place. 

On my layout, I am still developing my thesis, but the 
trajectory has something to do with conveying identity and 
the relationship of customer and railroad. Being a short line 
railroad, the Hoboken Shore had intimate interaction on a 
daily basis with its customers. My questions for this are, how 
could one model this closeness, and how can personalities 
come into play? 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 4 

On the Waterfront , which was filmed along the HBS 
right of way, provides an excellent example of the turmoil 
and roughness of the moment in time of the environment 
surrounding the HBS. I’d like my layout to impart some sort 
of understanding of this, and what it may have been like to 
work on a railroad in that particular place. Because of this 
trajectory, it becomes necessary to focus on the operator as 
individual within the context of 1950s Hoboken. 

The HBS was already waning on the heels of its busiest 
time during WWII. There must have been a malaise settling 
on the town and railroad as things were falling apart all over 
the Mile Square City. The mayor owned the local garbage 
collection company, and when decisions weren’t made to 
his satisfaction, he refused to pick up trash for several weeks 
until the decisions were reversed. Graft, corruption, and 
general New Jersey politics led to empty buildings, dirty, 
malnourished children roaming the streets, and general hard 
times while the rest of the country was enjoying a post-war 
boom. It was so bad, that the mayor enacted a law that made 
it illegal to photograph the city during this time. 

Capturing the idea of a place is a topic of an excellent 
blog post entitled “ Power of Place ” I read recently from 
Mike Cougill at his OST Publications blog. In it he explores 
the notions of place and the challenges of modeling them 
on a layout. He says,”in modeling, we give scant notice to 
how the railroad and community grew together. We only 
give a cursory acknowledgment of how the railroad fits 
the landscape and in turn, is shaped by it.” We do tend to 
become fixated on the stuff and techniques of the layout 
instead of the overall effect we are trying to achieve. A cant 
see the forest for the trees’ sort of thing, but I believe that 
creating an idea of place is the central reason behind creating 
any layout. 

The place of Hoboken, NJ in 1959 is what I am 
modeling, so what does locomotive sound have to do with 
this? Simply and directly, the pace of operation for switching 
multiple industries in an urban setting is necessarily slow, so 
I want to make operation about the little things that were 
a part of the everyday movement of goods and products 
around the waterfront. This was what the railroad crews had, 
everyday things in small quantities that made up their entire 

lives. No varnish whizzing by at speed, no thundering Big 
Boys belching steam, nobody to really notice what was going 
on except for the people they dealt with everyday at the 
coffee factory, the shipyard, and the piers. The world was a 
small one connected to the globe, and it was these individual 
sounds that made up the ebb and flow of the aural scenery. 

It is easy to get sucked into tweaking CV settings on a 
locomotive just for the sake of getting the sound ‘right’. My 
driving interest, though, is to provide user feedback that 
makes prototypical operation easier and more enjoyable for 
the operator on my layout so that the idea of the place comes 
through. Keeping this in mind while performing a seemingly 
isolated task of CV setting is important to me. 

So hearing the small, but can-do nature of the revving of 
a 44-tonner before it moves is modeling the character and the 
reality of the Hoboken Shore Railroad. It wasn’t glamorous, 
it wasn’t pretty, but it was specific and part of the everyday 
experience of the individuals of the railroad, and that’s 
important. This small sound detail directly helps the central 
conceptual basis for my layout to communicate the particular 
qualities of place of Hoboken, NJ and how the railroad fit 
into it. For me, this makes for loads of fun by being focused, 
rigorous and deliberate in my play. 


For a great example of a strong, central thesis in a model 
railroad, see Jim Senese’s layout. He has a clear intent for 
operators to explore the interaction of multiple railroads with 
differing personalities on his “Kansas City Terminal RR.” 

You can see his layout in Model Railroad Planning 1998, or, 
better, yet, go see it in person during the Tulsa LD/Opsig 
event in March, http : / / 

I think place is a great topic for further exploration and 
conversation. I’d like to hear from you if you know of 
modelers who make place an important part of their layout. 

riley triggs|(2jgmail . com 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 5 

Up The Tracks 

By Bill Dryden NMRA & LSR Life Member 

Here are upcoming events within the LSR of which I am aware. I will provide all the information YOU send me, or 
I can glean from other publications, websites, etc., for these events. Additional information may be available through 
the NMRA Magazine and/or various trade magazines or various websites. Also, note that all show times and dates are 
at the discretion of the sponsoring organization and are subject to change. 

Please forward any and all information about upcoming events or activities in your area, club, etc., to me via e-mail 
at b . Column submission deadlines are the 1 5th of January, April, July and October; publication of 
the Marker Lamp is the middle of the following month. 

Lone Star Region 64th Annual Convention (201 5) 

The Lone Star Region NMRA 64th Annual Convention wil 

be held in Beaumont July 22 - 25, 201 5. 

Check the Convention website Ihttp://lsr201^ or the LSR website 
convention-infolCome all!! PARTICIPATE!!! 


LSR Division 3 -Trinity River Division - Garland 

The Trinity River Division meets on the Second Saturday of every month at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Allen. 
Occasionally the day or branch changes due to scheduling conflicts so pay close attention to the e-mail meeting 
notices that go out a week before the meeting. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list contact Jerry Hoverson 

LSR Division 4 - Cen-Tex Division - Austin 

The Cen-Tex Division meets quarterly at the main branch of the Round Rock Library in downtown Round Rock. 
Meetings include clinics, show-and-tell, DCC minute, social activities and a layout open house. For more information 
about upcoming meetings, see http://centexnmra.on or contact to be added to our mail 

Alamo Model Railroad Engineers - San Antonio 

The Alamo Model Railroad Engineers meets the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Zucht Building at the Texas 
Transportation Museum, 1 1791 Wetmore Rd., San Antonio TX. For more information call Peter Shavney (210) 317-3661 
or Gene Turner (21 0) 355-2777. 

Houston Area Live Steamers 

HALS has over 9,000 feet of track for you to enjoy and ride on most any Saturday of the year. Someone is usually there 
every Saturday with special run, operations, waybills/timetable, work and fun run days scheduled throughout the 
year. Our public run days are the third Saturday of the month March through November. Come see our 2,500 foot 
expansion in Phase 4. Model Railroaders (any scale) are welcome to attend most any time. Check our web site out at 
www.hals.ord for schedule of events or e-mail Rick White - for more information. 

North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs - Irving 

The North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs (NTC) meets the third Tuesday of the month. Visit the website www. for more information about the NTC, its meeting site or member clubs. 

New Braunfels Railroad Museum 

Kids Fun Day is held on the 1 st and 3rd Saturday of each month, 1 0:00 am to 2:00 pm. New Braunfels Railroad 
Museum, 302 South San Antonio Street, in the 1907 Restored Railroad Depot; New Braunfels, TX. Museum phone 
(830) 627-2447. Kids of all ages will have the opportunity to run model trains and become a Jr. Engineer. Also among 
the displays at the Kids Fun Day will be a large US Army Model Garden (G) Scale and Lego Trains. Visit our Steam 
Engine, Caboose, Dining Car (available for Birthday Parties) and Box Car. There will be other fun, train related activities, 

The Marker Lamp Page 6 

additional model trains, train artifacts, our 1 907 depot are on display. The Railroad Museum opens at 1 0:00 am on 
Saturdays. For field trip scheduling and more information, call Howard Young (210) 542-61 21 , or visit us at www. 


21st Greater Houston Train Show; 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Adults $6, Children 12-18 $1; under 12 Free ($12 Family 
max.); Stafford Center, 10505 Cash Road @ Murphy Road, Stafford, TX. For more information: Steve Sandifer (281) 568- 
991 8 or 


7th - 8th Longview Model Train Show - CANCELLED 


1 1 th - 1 2th New Braunfels Train Show; Sat. 1 0 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Sun. 1 0 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Adults $8, Children $2 (5 - 
17), under 5 Free; New Braunfels Civic Center, 375 S. Castell Ave., New Braunfels, TX. For additional information, www. . 

25th - 26th Cotton Belt Train Show; Sat. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sun. 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m.; Adults $6, Children under 
12 Free; Harvey Convention Center, 2000 W. Front St.,TylerTX. For more information, call (903) 571-0220, or (903) 316- 

9319 or 

May 004.htm 

1 6th - 1 7th Jefferson Train Days (Sponsored by the Jefferson Historical Society & Museum and in part by the City of 
Jefferson); Sat. 1 1 :00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sun. 1 1 :00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; $1 5.00 (4 Destinations for One Price (R. D. Moses 
T&P Model Train Exhibit, Rail Baron Jay Gould's Business Car"ATALANTA"Tour, Historic Jefferson Railway Narrow Gauge 
Train Ride and Train Show at Jefferson Transportation Center), Children under 6 Free; 223 West Austin Street, Jefferson, 

TX. For more information, call Norman Buell (903) 665-7682 or . www.ieffersonmuseumJ 




25th - 26th 2014 SAMRA 13th Annual Summer Family Train Show. Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sun. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 
p.m. Adult $7, 1 6 & under Free (Limit 3) with paid adult admission. Carmack Event Center, 1 948 Austin Highway, San 
Antonio, TX. For more information: 


23rd - 29th Portland Daylight Express - 201 5 NMRA National Convention. Portland, OR. For more information: Ihttp:// 



2nd - 5th 35th Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention. Houston, TX. For more information http://www.nngo 


1 0th -11th Texas Western 2nd Annual Train Show; Forest Hill, TX. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 7 

2015 LSR Convention 

TexLa Doodlebug 

Beaumont, TX 
July 22-25, 2015 

by George Bohn 

Tex and Al would like to report that events for the 
convention for July 22-25, 201 5 are moving forward. Re- 
member to reserve your rooms at the Holiday Inn Plaza 
off Walden Road in Beaumont. The room rates will be $95 
per night and every guest in each room will receive a $1 0 
breakfast buffet coupon. Call the hotel at 409-842-5995 
and tell the desk that you are reserving rooms for the 
"2015 LSR Convention". This hotel is right off of IH10 on 
Beaumont's west side and there are several restaurants in 
the area. 

Tex and Al would like to remind everyone that Dr. 
John B. McCall has agreed to be the keynote speaker and 
one of the convention clinicians. Dr. McCall is a foremost 
authority on the Santa Fe, especially Doodlebugs. He has 
written several books on the Santa Fe Railroad. 

Tex reports that two Prototype tours are being set 
up for this year. One will be to the Sabine River Northern 
Railroad locomotive shop in Orange. The SRN has several 
different types of locomotives at their shop, including 
GP-7's, Gen-Sets, and some newer SW1500's.This railroad 
is a shortline running between Orange and Bessmay 
(Buna), with a short branch from Buna to Evadale. The 
line is owned by International Paper Company as part of 
their operations in Orange. 

The second tour will be to the ResCar car repair 
facility in Orange where we will get a shop tour. We 
will divide up into two groups to visit these tour spots 
and will come back together to take a short tour of the 
Orange SP Depot that will be in the process of being re- 
stored. This depot is one of only three "Queen Anne" style 
depots built by the SP in Texas and is the only surviving 
one. These tours will cost an extra fare of $25. 

Al gives us a rough timetable that will soon be 
finalized: Wednesday will be arrival day with registration 
starting at 3 pm (check-in time for the hotel is 4 pm). 

The modular layouts for our operating sessions will be 
going up in the two grand ballrooms (we have 3 layouts 
committed and will have 6-8 on hand for op-sessions). 

At 6 pm, there will be a bus waiting to take everyone 
that signs up to a Louisiana casino for a 3 hour session, 
returning by 1 1 pm. There will also be another opportuni- 
ty on Friday evening to again go to a different Louisiana 

casino. These trips will be available as an extra fare for 
$20 to go one night and $30 if you would like to go both 

Thursday morning will bring the beginning of 
clinics, including a new idea/'KIinics for Kids" which will 
feature kids doing the clinician role for other kids. Hope- 
fully our members out there will bring their children to 
the convention to learn about our great hobby and how 
we do the things we do. Clinics will run during the day 
till 5. At 5 will begin op sessions in the layout room for 
those who want to try their hands at operation. From 6 
to 8 a Cajun Style buffet will be served in the atrium, with 
desserts continuing until 9. This will be a come and go 
buffet, so everyone can walk in and out as needed while 
operating trains down the hall. This buffet cost is includ- 
ed in the registration. 

Thursday will also bring a Jo n-rail to ur to Shan 

gri La gardens and |Pmsbyteri^ An on 

your own lunch will be at QJd_Qjj|n£££af§_ before return- 
ing to the convention hotel. This tour will cost $30 per 
person. Friday morning will bring our prototype tours, 

ending with an on your own lunch at Robert's Meat 

Market and Restaurant (be able to order from menu or 
go through steam table). After returning to the hotel, 
we will have some more clinics. Those that stay behind 
on Friday from the casino will have several clinics to go. 
Saturday morning will bring the last of our clinics. 

Our annual meeting will begin at 1 pm and BOD 
will meet afterward. Our adult beverage time will begin 
at 5:30 and last till 6:45, with our annual banquet begin- 
ning at 7 pm. As at all conventions, we will have a contest 
room and a silent auction room. Our president has also 
contacted the RPM group to see if they would like to 
display some of their prototype models for us. 

Tex wants everyone to know that the registration 
forms will be coming out with the ballots in the very 
near future. Our registration cost this year will be $100, 
which includes both the Cajun Buffet and the Banquet. If 
we have any make and take clinics this year, we will have 
those listed on the registration form and notify everyone. 
If needed, we can arrange for child care with activities 
in one room while parents are attending casino trip or 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 8 

another tour. We are hoping that everyone will come visit 
us in theTexLa part of our great LSR. Division 8 hopes 
that it will be a super time. 

FLASH: All new NMRA members that have joined 
the association since July 1, 2014 can receive a special 
"Newcomers" rate of $75.00 when they register for the 
convention. Also, those that register prior to May 1 , 201 5 
can register for a rate of $90.00 (early bird) and those reg- 
istering starting May 1, 2015 will have a rate of $100.00. 
Be sure and register early and reserve your room early so 
that you can get great rates. Looking forward to having 
as many of our model railroad friends as possible attend- 
ing theTexLa Doodlebug Convention in beautiful South- 
east Texas. ML 

Great modeling on display 

Kids attractions 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 9 

Pike and Dealer Ads 





Pike and dealer ads are now available in color for the same 
price! Share your railroad or advertise your business to 
others while supporting the Lone Star Region. 

• Do you have a herald for your railroad? 

• Is there a unique feature? 

• What is the name of your hotshot freight or crack passenger service? 

Let everyone know about it with a color ad! 

Pike ads are $8 per year and dealer ads are $20 per year. 

Checks should be made out to: 


Then send to: 

Donna Orr 

2625 Rolling Meadows Dr. 

Rockwall, TX 75087 

Ads can then be sent as a JPG file attached to an email to: 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 10 

The Circus Comes 
to Town! 

Text by Bob Batson 

Photos by Bob Batson and Howard Young 

ver the years, the circus has been dubbed by 
many writers as "The Greatest Show on Earth" and has 
been an inspiration to many children and adults as well. 

It has even inspired many model railroaders and collec- 

Seventy two year old Howard Young remem- 
bers being fascinated as an eight year old watching the 
Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus unload just blocks 
from his Los Angeles home. He stored those memories 
in his mind and someday wanted to capture such a 
scene. When he returned to model railroading in 201 1, 
he began collecting circus items, mainly the Micro Trains 
special runs of circus rolling stock and motive power. On 
his home layout, he added a siding to park the circus 

After seeing T-Trak display in the Austin area and 
how simple the modules were to build and transport, 
Howard decided to combine his circus interest with mod- 
el railroading. In 201 3 he began building what would 

become his massive display of circus T-Trak modules. 
Thus far, he has about 1 8 feet of modules depicting his 
"the circus comes to town" which includes not only the 
downtown buildings, but also a circus parade making its 
way down main street, and the 'big top' surrounded by 
numerous arcade booths for games, rides and food. 

The small town scene includes detailed struc- 
tures, many with interior details and LED lighting. The 
buildings also feature blinking animated neon signs 
produced by Miller Engineering and rooftop bill boards. 
Most of the buildings are named after family members. 

As the circus parade makes its way down Main 
Street, you can see the crowds gathered on the sidewalks 
to see the animals, clowns, floats and other circus attrac- 
tions making their way toward the 'big top". The parade 
also includes elephants, a giraffe, dancing horses, camels 
and other circus animals. Most of these people and ani- 
mals were produced by Preiser or Woodland Scenics. 

What attracts most people is the midway with 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 11 

all the arcade games just outside the massive tent with 
its three-ring acts inside. (A section of the tent is cut out 
so viewers can see the inside) A close look will reveal not 
only stands filled with people but also a dog act, a lion 
tamer, and a high wire act with a bike rider! With even 
The Marker Lamp 

a closer inspection, the astute viewer will find children 
trying to sneak under the tent for a free show! 

Thousands of people gather around the booths awaiting 
their turn for a chance to win a teddy bear or to get a 
corn dog or funnel cake! Howard placed all these people 

Page 12 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 13 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 14 

individually with glue and tweezers and they are not just 
randomly placed. Many are in lines around the rides and 
booths. Most of these figures were ordered in bulkfrom 
China. Including the figures in the downtown parade 
area, there are right at 5000 people on the modules. 

Howard's T-Trak modules have been seen at 
many model railroad events in the Central Texas area. 
They were at the LSR region convention this past sum- 
mer in Round Rock and have attracted crowds in Aus- 
tin, San Antonio and New Braunfels. This past summer 
Howard packed up his circus modules and made a 1 300 
mile trip to the N Scale National Convention in Roanoke, 
Virginia where they were awarded Best In Show among 
the exhibits there. 

As with home layouts, things are never finished! 
Howard has just recently purchased a wagon loaded 

with a hippopotamus which is pulled by forty horses. 
That will become part of the parade. He has also having 
some custom-made stilt walkers made that will take their 
places somewhere in the crowd. He also plans to finish 
adding interior detailing to the other downtown build- 

Everyone loves a parade! And most of us have 
fond memories of our first trip to the circus or even see- 
ing the animals and clowns parade downtown. Howard 
has done an excellent job capturing that memorable 
scene and it continues to draw "oohs" and "aahs"from the 
crowds who crouch down to get a closer look. Ml 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 15 


A long time coming, 
but now what? 

Text by Chip Romig, MMR 
Photos by Gert "SpeecTMuiier 

The Colorado and Silver River meets the DRG&W, and we're fully operational! 

Every Friday for 7 years, a group of dedicated, 
enthusiastic model railroaders came to my home and 
helped me build my railroad. Holly falls and a few small 
details in the scenery, like lights and mirrors in the mine 
tunnels and people behind office desks completed the 

So, what do we do now? We can't operate every 
week! My layout is S gauge (for operations) and HO in 
the background for a great perspective view and a nice 
continuous run during open house. The HO was a good 
idea, but didn't work well for operating at all. 

So, we tore out the upper level and installed S 
scale narrow gauge in its place. Then to make it really 
hard, we decided to dual gauge a couple of yards. Oh, by 
the way, in S scale you have to make the track yourself. 
Hand-laying track has its own opportunities for fun, frus- 
tration and then conversation! But nothing is impossible 
in this hobby, so we are making good progress. 

Adding to the challenge was coming up with 

a new operating plan. We renamed as well as added a 
few towns with new industries and new sidings. We are 
also considering train orders instead of just the perfectly 
working CTC. We have been working on these changes 
for about a year now and hope to be finished some- 
where in the next six months. 

We will publish more photos when it is all done, 
but please stop by during the Plano Train Show to wit- 
ness the progress! ML 

Chip Romig with a new narrow gauge station and water tower shown at 
the top 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 16 

First, there is the new town on the railroad, Leadville. This is where the D&RGW meets the C&SR (Colorado and Silver River) in standard gauge, as well as 
the starting point of the new narrow gauge D&RGW on the layout Every track in Leadville is hand laid, just to show we could, and it includes all the dual 
gauge turnouts and re-railing to get the narrow gauge to the center of the turntable! Oh, that water tower lowers is spout and makes noises too!!! 

A view back to the Dispatcher's office. We mention him here, since, as you can see, we had the signals up and ready during most of the construction so 
that he can get his job done too! (Thank you, Richard!) 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 17 

The stock pens are serviced by both the standard and narrow gauge, as one can imagine. 

Remember the haunted house with the screaming cats? Well, a small relocation project, since the narrow gauge needed staging, too. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 18 

Now, when you can't reach an industry, put some live stock in, they can climb on by themselves, right? 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 19 

Look at that trestle bridge -what an awesome project by Howard (better photos and an article in a later issue!) 

Not a very attractive photo , but I was promised this corner will become a forest, so lets see how quick trees can grow on the C&SR! 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 20 

Remember the HO UP yard or coal facility when you climbed up the stairs to see the layout from above? Here is the new lookout. Not all done yet, but a 
train can travel through on the main line already! 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 21 



13 X P R 13 S S 

August 23 - 29, 2015 

For information and registration 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 22 

Lessons learned from a 
lifetime of trains 

Part One 

Text and photos by Blake Bogs 

Kent recreated the Colorado mountains in G scale in his Charlotte , NC home. 

As time goes on, layouts will come together and layouts will fall. In the case of Kent Morris' G scale 
layout. The Colorado Clear Creek, the layout had to be torn out. In March 2014, a phone call came that Kent 
needed to tear down his layout. Kent called my family and asked us to come help him tear down his 800 sq. 
ft. layout. My dad (Barry Bogs, MMR) and I started out in August and headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Kent's layout was designed as a mountain, backwoods style layout. Kent had 800 square feet of 
layout with well over 1,000 feet of track. In the end, he had over 15 locomotives and over 100 freight cars. 

He had three levels of track that well resembled Colorado. Kent designed his layout in such a way that it has 
continuous running along with operation. It also featured a huge logging style roundhouse, a huge yard for 
car storage, a Chama oil rack, and several amazing mountain scenes. 

Kent started his layout once he retired from his business. He had been planning his layout for several 
years before this and considered things he knew would come to pass. He knew the layout would have to be 
taken out some day, so he designed his layout in such a way that it could be easily dismantled when it came 
time to tear it out. In the process of tearing down the layout, I learned these techniques plus many other 
smart ideas. Tearing down a layout is a meticulous job. It takes several steps to tear down the layout in a 
way that doesn't create a big mess. When building a layout, not a lot of people think about the future. Many 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 23 

modelers only think about the present and the eas- 
iest way to finish the layout. In the next two articles, 
I will be going over things I learned about keeping 
your layout planning in the future, plus tips to make 
your layout very user friendly. 

The first thing to do is record everything. Ev- 
eryone makes mistakes while working on a layout. 
This might be installing a reverse loop in a certain 
area, or putting in too much switching in a small 
space. For me, my mistake was putting too many 
switches and main line running in a small area. 

Recording a layout is essential for future 
layouts. Additionally, you can keep the memories 
from that layout for the next generation. My dad 
was featured on the cover of Model Railroader back 
in 1 992. For me, it is very inspiring to see the photos 
from the old layout, and to compare them to the 
current layout. 

Second, design your train layout while think- 
ing of the future. Kent built his layout in sections 

so that the take down was very easy. He built the 
scenery so if you removed four screws, the scenery 
would instantly come down. Therefore, try to design 
your layout in such a way that it can be modular so 
it can be easily taken out or even moved. 

Another simple step, USE SCREWS!!!! I highly 
recommend not using nails while attaching scen- 
ery. It makes the take down so simple when you 
only have to unscrew something instead of taking a 
crowbar and prying the wood apart. Plus, you don't 
have the chance of a nail coming out while you are 
working on your layout or just while running your 
trains. The only time you should be using nails is 
when nailing down your track. 

Another tip I have learned is if you have 
a second floor layout, try to allow access out of a 
window to dump/throw trash out of. While we were 
at Kent's layout, we had to haul a trash can up and 
down the second floor to take the trash out of the 
layout. I highly recommend that you open up a win- 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 24 

dow and have a big dumpster below to allow your- 
self an easier time to tear out your layout. If you do 
not have access to a window, I would highly recom- 
mend you invite your friends over and provide free 
beverage (or food. . .. Food works better than free 
beverages) ! 

As you can see in the photos, we had a whole 
dumpster full of trash from the layout. This was only 
the first dumpster. It ended up being two complete- 
ly full dumpsters. 

The Lessons 

Track plans are essential for a layout. There 
have been thousands of plans that have been 
produced. These plans have varied from a push- 
pull track plan, to a huge 40 x 60 layout. When 
you are planning your layout, you need to look at 
every plan possible. Take a look at the current (or 
old) new Model Railroaders Track Planning Books, 
Model Railroader Planning Layouts in Small Spaces, 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 25 

track planning books, and finally Model Railroading 
magazine. This could be Model Railroader, Model 
Railroad Hobbyist, or Model Railroad Craftsman. 

Next, if you have the ability, lay out your 
room in CAD and play with the options you have. 

Once you finally find a plan you are happy 
with, get other people's opinions with the track 
plan. Every person's perspective is different though. 
Someone might look at the layout from an oper- 
ation view, while another person might look at it 
from a passenger service view. 

Most importantly, DO NOT SACRIFICE YOUR 
RADIUS. Everyone runs different equipment on their 
layout. For most of us, we are modeling the 1 930's 
and 1 940's. This means we will be running big steam 
locomotives and lots of passenger trains. When you 
run equipment like this, you will need a big radius, 
even if you are running modern locomotives, most 

people own an 844, 4449, or a Big Boy. Therefore, 
do not sacrifice your radius. You cannot make a 28" 
radius locomotive run on 18." 

If you install hidden storage, try to put some 
easy accesses for when trains derail or when you 
need to take out the track. When I was pulling out 
track, the hardest place for me to access was the 
hidden storage. I once read in Model Railroader that 
you need to avoid hidden storage as much as possi- 

At the time, I thought this was crazy because 
I was taught that you needed as much hidden stor- 
age for storing trains as possible. But, I understand 
why Model Railroader was cautioning everyone from 
using hidden storage. Storage can be useful but if 
you have to access it, it can be very difficult. 

Since I was nineteen at the time I was ripping 
at the layout, small spaces were easier for me to 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 26 

access. But, if you are in your late fifties or older, hid- 
den storage can be extremely difficult if you want 
to access it. I would still recommend using hidden 
storage, but be leery where you put it. 

Finally, plan your accessibility. If you are 
forced to have bridges, consider making it a lift 
bridge. This will increase your accessibility to your 
layout if you have older people come in. Duck- 
unders are extremely difficult to duck under when 
you get older. If you are forced to put a duck under 
in your layout, put safety bars underneath it to help 
you get through the area. Additionally, plan your 
aisle space. If your layout loops through the room, 
chances are you will have to have people pass by 
each other. Therefore, try to plan your layout aisles 
wide enough for two overweight people to pass by 
each other. 

Part two is coming in a later Marker Lamp 
and will cover more tips for building your layout and 
other things to think about when you are building 
your layout. M1 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 27 

'Petticoat Ccittctcea 

Text and photos by Blake Bogs 

, 0 0* T JUto 

'**OAD & 

I am the coordinator of the Petticoat Junction Model Railroad Fellowship Group. Each year we have 
an annual "Open House" where our members bring their current projects. This year our Open House is on 
March 6, 201 5 at Spring Creek BBQ from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. We would like to invite everyone to come and 
join us for this open house. 

Our group was started in 2004 with the intention of having a group of friends come together each 
month to eat barbecue and talk trains. Since 2004, our club has become so much more! We now have a 
group of members who possess a great wealth of information about model railroading. If you have any 
questions, someone in our group can probably answer them. Most months we have monthly clinics, and 
monthly movies preceding and following the clinics. We also have open house 1-2 times a year, and so 
much more! We are not a NMRA group, although many members of our group are NMRA members. All are 

We meet the first Friday of the month at: Spring Creek Barbecue, 4220 West FM 1960 (east of Stueb- 
ner-Airline) Houston, TX 77068. Normally we meet at 6:00 PM 

We hope y'all will come and join us for our open house meeting. If you have any questions email us 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 28 

Elf Saga-part 15 

Text and photos by Don Kimmell 

Who could have imagined it was just about 1 5 
years ago when two Kansas City Southern Railroad 
folks -Jim Davis and Willis Kilpatrick- told us about 
this "little" project that they were working on, using 
some "old, soon to be scrapped" flat cars, cabooses 
and box cars. They even showed us a CAD printout 
of what they had in mind. Three of us, Tillie, Warren 
and myself, were interested and told them that if 
they needed any help, the Historical Society would 
be ready and willing!! Well, we didn't hear anything 
for a couple of months, and then in late June 2000, 
we received a call. . ..HELP! It seemed that the proj- 
ect and gotten a "bit bigger" and they could use 
some assistance painting and putting a "few" lights 
on things. 

Well, what they didn't mention, this paint- 
ing would be taking place in a steel frame build- 

ing-think no A/C-in the middle of Deramius yard, in 
July/August.... every Thursday evening (6:00pm- 
1 0:00pm) and Saturday (8:00am-till ???), till the job 
was done. Oh, yea, it also was being done on a bit of 
a shoe-string budget, the cans of paint were donat- 
ed by a local paint store (who also sold a good bit of 
paint to the railroad), the lights came from a couple 
of electrical supply outlets. . .get my drift. We finally, 
by the end of August, got all the "cut-outs", all make 
from %" marine plywood, painted, then the staple 
guns came out! At any one time, I think there were 
6 to 8 hand staple guns going, we went through 
more boxes of staples than you would believe, and a 
couple of us had "staple-gun syndrome"!!! 

It was funny in a way, we put a string of 1 00 
lights on each of the reindeer, and then Willis turned 
on the power, and said, "...Add another 100." Have 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 29 

you ever tried to staple a string of lights on the edge 
of %" plywood, without going through the string 
that is already there!! Meanwhile, the paint shop was 
painting the cars prior to mounting everything on 
the outside, let alone decorating the interiors. Are 
we having fun yet?? Some how by the Monday of 
Thanksgiving week we, or rather the powers that be, 
were ready for the "official" unveiling... the volun- 
teers (we were not yet elves) were all invited, along 
with a good number of railroad officials, to view it 
for the first time. It was done one evening there at 
West Tower, and was something to see. So the story 

This year started out fairly calm, we were 

asked if we needed anything in terms of supplies, 
etc, if there were any "problems" with the model 
railroads, did any of the other decorations need any 
work, other than the usual cleaning. We could not 
think of anything that was really that important, and 
told them so. We figured a couple of Saturday morn- 
ings in September and October would take care of 
the cleaning, testing of locomotives (you would not 
believe how 5 to 6 hours of continuous running per 
night for 20+ nights will tear up a loco), replacing 
the burned out lights, and whatever else comes 
along. As usual we were sorely mistaken. 

We got through September without and 
issues, but then one of the "bigwigs" popped in, 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 30 

and. ...Time to "re-snow" the white layout, upgrade 
some of the trees, add a few more people (100+), 
and "...dust.". Oh, we will order the stuff you need 
as soon as we get back to KC. Out came the wet/ 
dry vac and off we went.... well, small issue with 
the snow (white) layout, when I constructed it 1 2 
years ago, I used the available (think free) product 
to cover the ground... diatomaceous earth. This is a 
very fine filtering powder, used in restaurants, etc... 
well, this stuff was so fine, it blew right through the 
filters in the various vacuums we had.... it created a 
"drifting fine white cloud" it just covered everything, 
including the green layout. . ..Back to square one! We 
ended up putting a double filter bag on the exhaust 
end of the vacuum, and started over again, are we 
having fun yet? The new snow arrived on the Friday 
before Thanksgiving, and the train was leaving on 

Thanksgiving Day... let's just say we did get some 
new snow down, in fact it was still drying when we 
arrived in Baton Rouge the day after Thanksgiving. 

This years trip was primarily a "east/west" 
year, we went as far east as West Point, Mississip- 
pi and as far west as Wylie, Texas, with a short trip 
down on the old L&A. We were visiting 21 cities/ 
towns/villages over 24 days. . .no breaks in between 
for restocking. 

We hadn't visited Baton Rouge nor Pineville, 
LA. In a number of years, so we knew to expect a 
crowd, but what resulted was totally wild-and this 
is an understatement!!! Our "posted" start time is 
4:00pm, but if possible, we will start a bit earlier, 
like 3:30pm. This will usually allow us to end bout 
8:00pm or so. Not this time! We started in Baton 
Rouge at 3:45pm-a couple of issues with trains-the 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 31 

"big ones", and ended at 9:30pm... a long night for 
the first stop! Then it was off to Pineville, LA. We 
usually have a "good" crowd there, but this year, 
WOW!!! We started at 3:30pm, and finally got to turn 
the lights off at. .. 1 1 :30pm!! I guess there isn't too 
much to do on a Saturday night in central Louisiana, 
to the tune of over 5 1 00 visitors, which is now our 
"one night record"!!! We ran out of bags, so we had 
folks stuffing the bags as fast as we handed them 
out. Oh, we do get one break each evening, usually 
some time between 6:00-7:00pm.. .only this night 
we could have used a couple! Off to Monroe. Again 
a busy night! It seemed that each stop, the crowds 
were larger than the last time we were there! In fact, 
it was our first visit to West Point, MS — which by 
the way, has the oldest rail, in the yards there, like 

1 898!- We had 41 00+ visitors come thru the train 
that night. . .by the time we got back to Shreveport 
on the 6th, which was our 9th stop, we had over 
33,000+ visitors, shaping up to be a good year. 

As we have in the past, we set up at West 
Tower (Gate 5) off of North Lake Shore Drive - a 
bit off the beaten track, but that did not deter the 
crowd. By 3:1 5pm we had over 300 folks waiting in 
line, which seemed to be getting longer and longer! 
In fact, by 5:00pm, we had backed up traffic about 2 
Vi miles, past the 1-220 interchange, and then some! 
Another wild night! This year we have been putting 
Santa "on the ground"; by this I mean he was moved 
off the train into a protected-think a small cover-on 
the ground just outside the train. We found that the 
"lists" were getting longer, so if we have a separate 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 32 

line just for the Man-in-Red, we can move folks thru 
the train itself a bit faster. It has been our experience 
(after 1 4 years!!) that some folks don't want to see 
Santa, but only the train. . .so this works, of course 
if you want to see him, you get in another line, but 
this one usually moves pretty fast. This year any- 
thing to do with the movie "Frozen" was at the top 
of the young ladies lists, with Transformers and Hot 
Wheels leading what the young gentlemen want. I 
got this info directly from Santa!!! 

We finally got the last folks through the 
train about 9:1 5pm, but we kept things going until 
9:45pm, which seems to be the "new usual" quitting 
time. Off to Texas! 

This year I was put into bedroom "B" in the 
New Orleans - rather nice is an understatement! Of 
course, there was one "small problem"... it was cou- 
pled to the F units, and the "Belle" part of the train 

The Marker Lamp 

was 1 0 cars long, with each car being 80'. . .So as you 
finished each night, you had to trek through the 
whole train to shed the various layers of clothes you 
had on, oh yea, one of the cars was the generator 
car, which required, as per OSHA and FRA, both ear 
and eye protection! Oh what we do for a train ride! 
Then you turn around, after shedding a couple of 
layers, and trek back through the baggage car, gen- 
erator car, and crew car to reach the dinning car. Oh 
by the way, each car has a heavy steel door, both to 
enter and exit. Who says we don't get any exercise 
on this trip! Now repeat this process for each meal, 
and then each morning for bagging & cleaning 
duties. I figured alone, we, the folks that were in the 
New Orleans, walked about 2 Vi miles per day! Are 
we having fun yet? 

I guess we arrived in Wylie yard bout 4:00am, 
but the train was headed the "wrong way", we 

Page 33 

would have to wye. Somewhere in the northeast 
part of the Metroplex, so we would be headed back 

This was the 3rd or 4th time I have been 
on board for this operation, and to this day, I have 
no idea just where we went, I do remember see- 
ing the LBJ, and Plano Road, but where else - who 
knows. All I know, was after about 2 V 2 hours moving 
around, we were right back where we had spent the 
night, pointed east! Are we having fun yet? 

Now I did get to see a familiar face there in 
Wylie, Mr. Dwayne did get to see what I have been 
talking/writing about for the past 9 or 1 0 years, did 
get to show him our "playrooms", and the hardships 
we are forced to endure while doing the elf bit. (Yea, 

Then we went into the "usual" daily routine: 
eat, bag, clean, brief off time, eat, rest (maybe 1 
hour), dress for the evenings festivities, do the elf 
thing, eat, a bit of socializing, sleep, then wonder 
which siding we will wake up to the next morning. 

One morning this year it was so foggy, we 
could hardly see the ballast under the track, if it 
wasn't for the GPS app on our phones, we would 
not have any idea where we were... actually it was a 
siding in Como, Texas. Are we having fun yet? 

After about 3 days on the train, everything 
sort of "blends" together... one has to look at the 
schedule to tell what day/date/place it is. A good ex- 
ercise in "splendid isolation"! guess. If this is Sulphur 
Springs, then it MUST be Monday, and if it is Mon- 
day, then this MUST be December 8th, so this MUST 
be Sulphur Springs. . .gets pretty strange at time, 
and the longer one rides, the weirder it gets!!! 

Actually the weather, which is usually a 
concern, wasn't too bad for the first half of the trip, 
then we turned north. ..well, it got a bit wet. ..rain 
a couple of nights, the a bit of sleet, maybe some 
snow, not too much, but enough to get one into the 
Christmas spirit! The really cold weather managed 
to hold off till we reached KC, even then it wasn't 
too bad, never got below 1 1 degrees, which for this 
southern elf is still too cold! Funny thing, the cold 
didn't affect the folks waiting to visit the train and 
see Santa, weird. 

OK, this years total count was 83,700 folks, 
over 24 days in 21 locations. We raised $1 50,000.00 
for the Salvation Army to use in the communities we 
visited. Not too bad. 

Will I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat! 


The Marker Lamp 

Page 34 

It’s Christmas Time 

Division 3 Christmas Party 

Text and photos by Donna On 

Well it's December again and time for our 
December meeting! Division 3's second annual 
Christmas Party was held at the home of Donna Orr 
and Roger Shank. This year there was a tree in every 
room, literally every room, that's a total of 1 6 trees. 
And of course, happy members everywhere through 
the house. 

The outdoor lighting display grew this year, 
to 2700 channels and a larger 1 6' mega tree. 1 0 
songs were programmed to the music, but the most 
popular was "Let it go" (from Frozen). You could 
stand outside and watch the little kids singing, "Let 
it go, let it go". 

After some mingling and holiday cheer 
time we had dinner before the super" Deal or Dud", 
hosted by Larry Swigert. Our treasures in "Deal or 
Dud" included things such as trips on the Texas 
state Railroad, and even the Durango and Silverton 

Railroad. This was a great opportunity for those that 
attended to mingle and discuss past and future train 

Then we had the white elephant exchange, 
hosted by Jerry Hoverson.This is always a lot of fun. 
It really is enjoyed by all especially when the "steal- 
ing" begins. 

And for the first year we had the "Ugly sweat- 
er" contest. And the winner was 

Cody Akin! 

Now that the holidays are over its time to 
think about next year's events and what surprises 
will they bring? 

Happy 201 5!! Ml 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 35 


Christmas dinner in the red room. 

Christmas dinner in the blue room. 

Christmas dinner in the green room. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 36 

Everyone shows off their goodies. 

Another view of the always entertaining White Elephant gift exchange. 

"You got what?" 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 37 

Cody and his ugly sweater netted a candy-filled train. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 38 

Round Town 
with Roy 

Text and images by Roy Stockard 

Waiting in the hole, with Smoke & Steam 

Prior to 1 929, a west bound passenger train pulled 
by a GN SI Northern is waiting 'in the hole" on a red 
aspect as GN Class N3 exits the west portal of Cas- 
cade Tunnel and rolls to a station stop at Wellington 
station to pick up orders. Wellington is at the top of 
a 20 mile long, 2.2% grade down to Skykomish, WA. 
Jim's HO Great Northern DC layout has a fresh sprin- 
kling of plaster creating the new fallen snow. 

Digital photo is by Roy Stockard. HO scale modeling 
by James Aust, Grapevine, Texas 

Mayfield Station 

On a clear evening, Mayfield Station on the Black 
Bear and Bayou Railroad is a beehive of activity as 
late arriving passengers hurriedly prepare to board 
Santa Fe 2-1 0-4 #3578 just arriving from points east. 

The photography and the photo backdrop are by 
Roy Stockard. HO modeling by Leo and Lorrie 
Palitti, Fort Worth, Texas 


The 2015 SQUARE FOOT Contest 

For 2015, the LSR Model Contest will be bringing back one of the most popular Special Contests of the past few 
years - the Square Foot contest. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the deal: Build anything you want in any scale 
you want. . . as long as it fits on a 12 inch x 12 inch display. It doesn’t matter what it is: on-line or off-line; structure, 
bridge or whatever - the sky’s the limit. Actually, the sky literally is the limit; you can go as tall as you want, just 

don’t let it get outside that square foot! 

Your Square Foot entry will be judged in the Display contest category and will be eligible for all the traditional 
awards up to and including Best in Show. And the entry earning the highest score will receive a plaque as Square 

Foot Contest winner! 

But wait, there’s more! If you choose to feature an outhouse in your entry it’ll also be eligible for the Square Foot 
contest at the National Narrow Gauge Convention to be held in Houston, September 2-5, 2015. All the same rules 
apply as for the LSR’s version, except that the primary subject is to be an outhouse. 

So put on your brainstorming cap, let your imagination go and start thinking INside the box! This contest’ll be fun! 

If you have any questions, contact the LSR Contest co-chairs: 

Chuck Lind Loren Neufeld 

979-2 19-3305 71 3-962-4035 


The Marker Lamp 

Page 41 

Pass Exchange 







This quarter's pass is from one of our Canadian friends, Murray Winchester at 1 9770 
Wildcrest Avenue, Pitt Meadows, B.C. , Canada V3Y 1 M2. Printed on excellent card stock 
with an attractive logo for his Dominion Atlantic Railway. 

f ^ 

Pass Exchange 

Headed by Walter Zahn 

The Pass Exchange Program is yet another fun way 
to connect to other model railroaders through printed 
ephemera you have created. Railroad passes were distribut- 
ed by railroads to their employees, associates and partners 
as well as employees of other railroads for courtesy travel 
on their system. Many modelers recreate this tradition by 
printing and distributing passes for their own railways as a 
way to extend and share their modeling efforts. 

Here's how it works 

Walter Zahn continues to spearhead the Pass Exchange 
Program for the LSR.To participate in the program, send 
Walter two of your passes, and in return you will receive a 
pass and a list of active pass exchangers. Walter will review 
the passes he receives and share one in each issue of ML 

Send passes and any questions or inquiries to: 

Walter Zahn 

3309 Point East Drive 

Mesquite, Texas 75150-2645 

V J 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 42 

LSR Convention 

To the Roundhouse... 

by Bill McPherson 

The journey has been long, and hopefully enough 
steam will be left in my boiler to make it to the round- 
house. Ah, I made it. Now drop the fire, blow off the 
steam, and turn off the lights. 

Over 1 5 years ago I became extensively involved 
in the annual Lone Star Region conventions. To this LSR 
task I brought 45 years of experience in planning, orga- 
nizing, and putting on business, professional and social 
conventions and events. Plus, I received a lot of excellent 
tutorage from the Larry Redmond, dean of LSR conven- 
tions. Being appointed as the Regional Convention Chair- 
man, my mission has been to provide overall guidance to 
conventions to make them the best possible. Some have 
been considered better than a national NMRA conven- 

During my tenure as Regional Convention Chair- 
man, the Lone Star Region's annual conventions have 
had the following impressive statistics: Total Attendance 
- 2,732, Total Income - $305,091 , Net Income $55,869, 
and Net LSR income - $27,259. In the last 3 years the Host 
Divisions have had $ 1 3,786 in income from the conven- 
tion, raffles and non-shared income. Our LSR Conven- 
tions are the largest source of income for the LSR since 
our income from investments has dropped drastically 
and the rebate from the NMRA is $2 per member. 

When I entered this convention chairman posi- 
tion, no data was readily available on previous LSR con- 
ventions. I collected data, developed analytical reports, 
and wrote operating guides such as the Basic Responsi- 
bilities of a Convention. Now I have 3 file cabinet drawers 
full of convention material. I have continued to develop 
the "Lone Star Region Convention Planning Guide", which 
is a 300 page information resource. Customized extracts 
from this guide are prepared for each convention. A lot 
of conversations are held with convention personnel. 

I have years of experience in preparing and negotiating 
contracts. Working with the local convention chairmen, I 
analyzed hotel or venue contracts to identify provisions 
which could cause unfavorable financial or other situa- 
tions and then I assisted in negotiations. 

A major project, that has taken an extraordi- 
nary amount of my time, was to completely revamp the 
financial part of the LSR Convention Report. It is now 
formulated like a corporate income and expense report 
using extensive Excel formulas and standard accounting 
practices. It now provides accurate information about all 
aspects of a convention in a uniform format for annual 

One of my most useful developments has been 
the "What-lf" comparisons. Using a customized Excel 
spreadsheet, the convention chairman can easily deter- 
mine what number of registrations at what fee are need- 
ed to break even financially. He can easily project what 
any cost item can do to the bottom line. He can compare 
his numbers to the last 14 conventions and learn from 
their experiences and mistakes. Many of these What-lf's 
are incorporated into the ever evolving Convention Plan- 
ning Guide. 

I have resigned as the LSR Regional Convention 
Chairman as of January 31, 201 5. This decision was made 
some months ago. Now the doors of the earthly round- 
house are closed as I prepare for the great Roundhouse 
in the Heavens. 

See you down the tracks. Ml 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 43 

Achievement Program 

Achievement Program 

by Duane Richardson, MMR 

In talking with National I have confirmed that he 
processes our submissions on the 28th of each month. 

If you can get your paperwork to me before then I can 
get it processed and sent. I was also informed that a PDF 
scan of the paperwork is acceptable. This is how I have 
been working with it and it's worked great. This allows 
me to take submissions almost up to the deadline and 
still get the paperwork in on time. 

If your paperwork is submitted to National prior to 
the 28th it will get processed on that months list and you 
will have your certificate returned in just a few weeks. 

If we miss the 28th then you will be waiting for another 
month. I will still take your paperwork via regular mail or 
hand delivered but a PDF is just fine. 

Also, as a reminder, there are 2 forms involved in 
each category. The Statement of Qualification form (or 
SoQ) and the Record and Validation. The Record and 
Validation is really only for you to track that you have 
completed the requirements. The SoQ is the only form I 
need to submit to National. 

Al always said, "Put the pencil to the paper" and get 
me your paperwork. If you have any questions or if I 
can help you in any way please feel free to contact me. 
My contact information is listed with the officers here in 
the Marker Lamp and on our website. M i 

The following have earned LSR Certificates in recent 



LSR Certificate # 

Bob Barnett 







Jeff Palmer 



David Cummings 



Lee Bangma 



Jerry Wilson 



Motive Power 






Michael Ross 



Chris Atkins 



Gert Muller 



For more information on how to get involved 
in the Achievement Program, contact: 


1122 Holland Drive, Garland, TX 75040 

(972) 495-6375 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 44 

Achievement Program 

Division 3 Achievement 
Program Award Winners (and 
some show and tell) ^ 

# Photos by Kic Hare 

The October Division 3 meeting was held at the 
Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Allen. Craig Tribuzi 
told us everything about the Tehachapi Loop, one of his 
favorite places. (For those that always need to explain 
the need of a helix on their own layout, tell people to 
talk to Craig, or look it up, there are helices in the real 
world too!) ML 

Craig Tribuzi 

Tom Browning earned a Merit Certificate for his fine work on the Z 
scale West station (shown in the previous issue) 

Brady McGuire had cars in O scale and Tom Browning showed build- 
ings in Z scale (top right of photo)! And the rest of the table was filled 
by Lees hard work over the years (some from more than 20 years ago). 

The Marker Lamp 

Craig Tribuzi s photo ofTehachipi Loop (also on cover of this ML) 

Lee Bangma received two certificates, one for meriting a structure and 
the other for a passenger car. Both were presented by Duane Richard- 

Show and Tell had a table full of exhibits. Cody and Casey Akin 
started building a water tower (with lots of research behind it too), and 
would that be the 1st prize Maintenance of Way car next to the tower ? 

Z scale! by Tom Browning 

Page 45 


Jerry Hoverson presented to Lee Bangma a Merit Award for completing 
another merit requirement in the Structures category. 

Show and Tell had quite a few entries , all to he evaluated or at least 
witnessed by the judges. I am glad to see we keep them so busy. And 
thank you for the hard work y judges. So, bring more, every time l 

Lee Bangma 

Nelson Cain completed all his structures too, so Jerry Hoverson present- 
ed to him his Merit Award as well. 

We had quite a number of buildings, one gondola and the smallest 
bridge L have seen above the N and Z scale world. 

All hard work done by Lee Bangma, who has started doing some of 
these in the 1960 ’s! 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 46 

November (Photos by Ric Hare) 

Lee Bangma , ( why is he so popular lately ?) proudly received his Na- 
tional AP Award for Master Builder - Structures , presented again by 
Duane Richardson. What a way to get 2015 going on the Division 3 

For Show and Tell we had that big water tower back (from Cody and 
Casey), but this time painted, with 4 kinds of bands and clamps, the 
water spout (3D printed), as well as two weeks of real outside Texas 
weathering 1 

And then we had three gentlemen arguing about how many Z scale 
buildings would fit inside their own. Tom, Joseph and Boyd was at 
almost at war. But since Tom knew the rules, he brought a bigger ( than 
Z) building along this time / (Joseph above) 



Lee Bangma and Duane Richardson (Photo by Donna Orr) 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 47 

Minutes of the January 31, 
LSR Board Meeting 

A summary of the minutes as submitted by Jeff Palmer, LSR Secretary 


Page 1 of 16 

Editor's note: 

The meeting took 
place in Beau- 
mont, Texas , not 
in Dallas-Fort 
Worth , Texas as 
stated in the min- 
utes. Corrections 
like this might 
be made before 
the final minutes 
are approved 
by the Board at 
the next meet- 
ing to be held 
at July's annual 
LSR convention 
in Beaumont. 

Any substantive 
changes will be 
published in the 
Marker Lamp 
as they become 

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas - January 31, 2015 

President Steve Barkley called the Annual Board meeting to order at 9:01 AM. 

Roll call 

All of the officers, directors and committee chairpersons were present except: 

Voting Board Members: 

Dave Lamberts - Jeff Palmer (proxy) 

Duane Richardson - Jerry Hoverson (proxy) 

Non- voting Board Members: 

Loren Neufeld 
Virginia Freitag 
Bob Mangrum 
Tracy Mitchell 
Bill Dryden 
Larry Swigert 

Minutes of Previous Meeting 

Director- At-Large Art Houston provided a motion and Director- At-Large Chuck Lind 
seconded to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as published the 
Minutes of the June 8, 2014 Annual Board of Directors meeting published in the 2014 
summer issue of The Marker Lamp. The motion designated as 20 1 5 -0 1 -0 1 LSR Motion 
1 passed. 

Officers Reports 
President Steve Barkley 

The President’s Report was submitted by email to all Board members and is summarized 
as follows: 

At the start of 2015 the LSR remains strong. Here are some areas that are noteworthy: 

1 . Membership remains relatively constant at over 1000 members 

2. The Region is submitting its own application for IRS 501(c)(3) status. 

3. The Marker Lamp has transitioned to a digital format emailed to members. This 
has produced a magazine that has more articles and photos than was possible 
when it was printed and mailed. It also is more time responsive to breaking 
news. It is a much more visually appealing publication. 

4. Publishing The Marker Lamp saves the LSR about $5,000.00 per year. 

5. The 2015 Convention will be in Beaumont, Texas. This is the first time that the 
LSR convention has been held in Southeast Texas. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 48 

Page 2 of 16 

6. The Achievement Program remains strong. Duane Richardson, MMR, is doing 
a great job as the LSR Achievement Chair. 

7. Mike Mackey and John Garfield have agreed to chair the 2016 Convention to be 
held in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

8. Larry Swigert and Mike Mackey continue to excel in recruiting new and 
renewal members for the LSR. 

9. The LSR membership including its officers and directors continues to diversify. 

10. The NMRA is investigating a Lego Special Interest Group. Lego trains and 
layouts have been a part of the LSR annual convention and other train shows for 
several years. 

11. Division 8 of the LSR is a co-sponsor of the National Narrow Gauge 
Convention to be held this coming September, 2015, in Houston, Texas. 

12. Initial inquiry has been made to the Railroad Prototype Modeler Organization 
to see if it might be interested in participating in future LSR events. 

13. The LSR is blessed with energetic, talented, and competent officers and 
members. It is a great organization! 

Vice President Bob Barnett - No Report. 

Treasurer Donna Orr 

The Treasurer’s Report, was submitted by email to the Board members and is 
summarized as follows: 

Our current net worth is $39,493.02 

We should no longer be sending out ballots for elections, since we have voted to include 
email as a voting mechanism. Which should save us mailing dollars. Since the election 
ballots are usually sent out and a copy of the upcoming convention registration is 
included with that, the Region paid for that mailing. Since we are going to vote going 
forward by electronic mail will the convention registration mailing cost be shifted to the 
convention committee? 

I have included the updated spread sheet for the fiscal year 2013-2014. And the up dated 
proj ected budget for 20 1 4-20 1 5 . 

Status of the 501C3. 

Paperwork has just been submitted to the IRS. We will only be granted 501c3 
status from the post mark date on the application. 

Convention Economic Impact. 

We received $3,373. 1 1 from the convention in Round Rock. We have averaged 
$2240.00 in proceeds per convention over the last 7 conventions. 

Secretary Jeff Palmer 

The Secretary’s Report, was submitted by email to the Board members and is 
summarized as follows: 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 49 

Page 3 of 16 

Since the Annual Board Meeting in June, the LSR Secretary has been involved with the LSR 
Constitutional changes needed to transform the LSR from a 501(c)(7) to a 501(c)(3), a non- 
profit organization to a non-profit charitable organization. The secretary worked with the 
LSR President and LSR Treasurer to re-write the LSR Constitution and By-Laws to match 
the IRS 501(c)(3) requirements. The secretary then worked with the Nomination Chair, Blake 
Bogs, to get membership ratification to the Constitutional changes. All LSR Secretary tasks 
were accomplished. 

Since that time, the LSR Constitution and By-Laws have been updated to reflect the changes 
approved. A call for new business items for the Mid-Year BOD meeting has gone out and a 
tentative agenda has been presented. 

Advisor Bill McPherson 

The Advisor’s Report, was submitted by email to the Board members and is summarized 
as follows: 

No report provided. 

Directors Reports 

Division 1 Director Chris Atkins reported: 

Since the annual meeting at the 2014 LSR Convention in Round Rock, Division 1 has 
had 4 meetings: July at the Texas Western Model Railroad club in Forrest Hill, 
September at Stan Pirzchalski’s home in Colleyville, November at the Cowtown 
Model Railroad Club in Ft. Worth and January at my home in Argyle. 

Each meeting has an educational aspect in the form of a clinic. At the July meeting 
Jim Muller presented a clinic on making models with a 3D printer. In September, I 
presented a clinic on how the Maker Movement is improving Model Railroading. In 
November, I put on a follow-on clinic on using Microcontrollers for animation. In 
January, Scott Mason gave a 
DVD clinic on airbrushing. 

We also extend our education to the general public by providing four clinics at the 
Plano Train Show in January. I gave my clinic on Microcontrollers again, Clarence 
Zink talked about Iron and Steel Making, Don Murphey gave a clinic on switch 
machine installation and Don Winn reached out to beginners with a clinic called 
"Let’s start building a home layout." 

While we didn’t have clinics at the November train show in Ft. Worth, we did set up 
an NMRA booth and talked to several potential new members. The Plano booth has 
traditionally been ran by Division 3, but Division 1 is glad to help man it too. 

I continue to represent our division at the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs 
whose charter is to promote education of the Model Railroading hobby through its 
train shows. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 50 

Page 4 of 16 

Going forward, I am hoping to elect a Superintendent to help plan the meetings. I’d 
also like to find a permanent meeting space somewhere in northeast Tarrant 
County. Once we get these things in place, I’d like to move to monthly meetings. I 
think a consistent date and place will increase the turnout at the division meetings. 

Division 2 Director Rod Fredericks reported that: 

During my third year as the Bayou Division Director I have continued my outreach to 
model railroaders and clubs in the Bayou Division. Operations remain a major focus in 
the Baton Rouge/Houma/New Orleans area, and in Lake Charles. For a second year a 
coordinated observance of Model Railroad Month also was made. Working with Art 
Houston (LSR Director at Large) and other clubs and model railroaders we were able to 
organize area wide activities last November and into December for Model Railroad 
Month. This included operating sessions, and open houses at several clubs and a number 
of home layouts. The attendance was again very encouraging. This year I intend to start 
a program of monthly clinics in the hope of increasing model railroading skills and 
interest. Another focus this effort will be to foster an awareness of the NMRA and LSR, 
and the benefits of joining these organizations, which is sadly lacking at present. 

The Crescent City Model Railroad Club continues their comeback after Hurricane 
Katrina. This is a 100% NMRA club, and hard work and reorganization has progressed to 
the point where they are conducting regular operating sessions. They will also be a major 
participate in Rail Run Louisiana next month. 

A last goal is to get more participation of current NMRA/LSR members in events beyond 
their local sphere. Last year, despite efforts to get more, only four Division 2 members 
attended the Round Rock convention. Hopefully, with this year’s convention only just 
across the state line, I might be more successful. I believe this to be essential to the 
Bayou Division ever being able to host a convention in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans 
area. It’s hard to get volunteers to plan and work on hosting convention that they have 
never attended. At least that has been my experience every time I bring the idea up with 
local members. 

Division 3 Director Jerry Hoverson reported that: 

The Trinity River Division monthly meetings have been rolling along: 

• In June, Charles Fink presented a clinic on weathering without using an airbrush. 

• July had a pair of clinics, Gert Muller showed us how to set up a phone system for 
operator/dispatcher communications and Leonard Siemantel gave a “soldering 
101” talk in preparations for a make-n-take in August. 

• As I mentioned we did a make-n-take at my house for the August meeting were 
we made a resistance substitution box. We also had a BBQ for all that attended. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 51 

Page 5 of 16 

• September was back to a normal routine and Bart Bartholomew gave a 
presentation on Logging Railroading. 

• In October Craig Tribuzi presented his collection of photos as well as some 
history of the famous Tehachapi Loop. In addition to that, the October meeting 
saw Gert Muller present a live clinic and demonstration of using a “3D Printer” to 
make small parts. It’s the coolest new tool since the laser printer. Man, has the 
hobby come a long way! ! ! ! 

• Speaking of new things in the hobby, have you had a chance to listen to the new 
SoundCar Decoders? Well, we not only got to listen to them but Allan Gartner 
presented a “how to install and use” clinic on them in our November meeting. As 
Allan explained you probably only want to run a sound car in every 3 rd or 4 th car 
to keep it realistic, any more than that and it could get over powering. Again, 
cool new stuff for the hobby! 

• We then took a break from the normal type of meeting to have our annual Holiday 
party at Donna & Roger’s in December. Great time, lots of food and drink, a fun 
time with the White Elephant Gift exchange and a ton of prizes were given away 
thanks to the efforts of Larry Swigert! This year we added an “Ugly Christmas 
Sweater” contest. Not a lot of participation (maybe better next year) but Cody 
Akins out did everyone with his sweater that included a cabin and a pine tree 
sticking out from his chest! ! 

So you can see Division 3 is alive and well. 

As many of you know, I’ve moved and have started a whole new layout. One of the 
regular departments at our meetings has been the “Re-birth of the Rocky Mountain 
Central” were I’ve been giving updates and showing pictures of the progress so I thought 
I’d pass on a shot here. The benchwork is done, the backdrop, lighting, and valance is 
done and we’re starting to add sub-roadbed. 

Division 4 Director Peter Kazmir reported: 

It has been an exciting several months since our report for the 2014 annual meeting. 

We had two Division Meetings in September and November. Our meetings consist of a 
clinic, show and tell, DCC minute (describing some aspect of DCC control), social time, 
deal or duds, and a layout tour. We also have some educational material and displays in a 
beginner’s comer as well as information describing the benefits of NMRA membership 
and the AP program. 

At the September meeting, Terry Nathan presented a clinic on modular model railroads 
and we toured Chuck and Nan Ellis’ Great Northwestern and Pacific . At the November 
meeting, Steve Nelson gave a clinic on creating model trees and we toured Jack Merkel’s 
Lone Star and Santa Fe. Van Henry’s Pennsylvania Railroad and Tex Copsetta’s 
Southern Pacific Shasta Route. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 52 

Page 6 of 16 

We leave flyers at our local hobby shop and (since September) are posting meeting 
notices and pictures from previous meetings on our web site, . Our 
meetings are usually attended by 30-40 people, including NMRA members and guests 
(our meetings are free and open to the public). 

We also had two train shows in our Division since our last report - the Temple Model 
Train Show in September and the Austin Railroad Jamboree in Round Rock in October. 
We had an NMRA booth at both shows, which included a banner, materials describing 
the benefits of NMRA membership, past issues of the NMRA and Marker Lamp 
magazines, and member sign-up forms. We signed up 5 new members at these shows. 
Model Railroading in the Central Texas area continues to grow: there were 30 layouts on 
the Jamboree tour this year! 

Going forward, the Division has agreed to take over ownership of the Austin Railroad 
Jamboree. We are busy making plans for growing this great yearly event which is a 
fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, educate those interested in both life-sized and 
Model Railroading, to gain new NMRA members, and to have fun! 

In addition, the Division helped sponsor Tommy Holt’s fantastic Railroading Class for 
Kids. Tommy held this class for 8-12 year olds interested in Model Railroading. Over a 
period of several weeks, the kids learned to build a model railroad hands-on, including 
trackage, electronics, scenery, cars, and more. Division members contributed both time 
and materials to the class. It was a great success and it was great to see Model 
Railroading alive and well with our youth. More information about the class is available 
on the King’s Hobby Web Site . 

Finally, the highlight of the past several months in our Division was the opportunity to 
host the 2014 LSR NMRA Convention, the Bluebonnet Limited. We had a great time 
hosting the convention and were happy to add several new members. We hope you had a 
great time as well. 

We’re looking forward to an exciting (and busy) 2015! 

Division 5 Director Dave Lamberts - No Report. 

Division 6 Kevin Bergeman reported: 

Re-invigorating a Division that has been dormant for a few years is proving to be a 
challenge; but with the help of interested Members between June 2014 and January 2015 
the South Texas Division (Division 6) has accomplished a number of things. 

On September 10, 2014 we stood up a Yahoo! Group based email list (NMRA-South 
Texas Division) to enable members to discuss division business, plan Division events and 
provide a forum for members to connect with other modelers in their area. There are 
currently 36 members enrolled, roughly 1/3 of the Division Membership. Several 
Members have been able to connect with others in their areas whom they had never met. 
And it was through the email list that we were able to begin to organize Division Meets. 
The Marker Lamp 

Page 53 

Page 7 of 16 

On December 6, 2014 the South Texas Division held in first Division Meet in a very long 
time. SANTRAK hosted the Morning session and 1 1 Members participated. It was an 
informal meet & greet with discussion on what we’d like to see the Division accomplish. 
We did preliminary planning for a more extensive Division Meet in the Spring. We then 
adjourned for lunch at a local restaurant, and then several of us took up SAMRA on their 
offer to participate in their Saturday afternoon Ops Session. 

The South Texas Division Spring Meet will be held March 28, 2015. Again the Morning 
will be hosted by SANTRAK and the afternoon by SAMRA. The morning will include 2 
clinics, a "show & tell", and AP Judging for anyone who needs it. The afternoon will 
again be an Ops Session at SAMRA. We will be sending out a flyer to all members by 
both email and snail-mail (likely in February). 

Division 7 Director Don Kimmell reported: 

Membership has fallen a bit, due to the “aging” of our members. 

On a positive note, three of our members have been accepted for the “Operation 
Lifesaver” Program. They have already contacted the “local” train shows to set up tables, 
with the understanding that we can use this also as a recruiting tool for the LSR. 

I have visited/talked to two(2) Boy Scout Troops-one in Minden, the other in West 
Monroe, about the merit badge program. I have also visited with a number of Cub Scout 
Packs concerning the hobby. This was done as a favor for a couple of local religious 

I did a “clinic/workshop” on scenery in November on the Kansas City Southern’s 
Holiday Express. This was attended/viewed by nine (9) individuals-3 members and 6 
prospects - (that was all I could fit into the boxcar). 

For the next six (6) months, I am planning on setting a table/booth at three (3) train shows 
for recruiting purposes. 

Division 8 Director Jim Lemmond reported: 

The San Jacinto Model Railroad Club’s Fall Layout Tour has concluded. This month long 
series of open houses in the Houston area was a celebration of the NMRA’s Model 
Railroad Month. The area covered was from Bryan/College Station to Beaumont/Orange 
and Conroe to Galveston. This event is organized by Craig Brantley each year for the San 
Jac Club. Come visit next and see the many model train layouts in the Greater Houston 
area. Information is available on the San Jacinto Model Railroad Club’s web site . 

The web site for LSR 2015 is now up with new information about the convention being 
added daily. The URL for the web site is: . The dates for the 
convention are: July 22 to July 25, 2015. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 54 

Page 8 of 16 

The National Narrow Gauge Convention 2015, is meeting in Houston on 
September 2 to September 5, 2015. The web site 
for the convention is operational with information and pictures for this event. If you 
would be interested in presenting a clinic to a national and international audience relevant 
to narrow gauge railroad modeling, please contact Chuck Lind 
( or Craig Brantley ( 

Director-At-Large Duane Richardson reported: 

As a Director-at-Large I have been supporting my local Division in their monthly 
meetings. Each month I do a quick mini-clinic on Tips and Tricks. It’s just little things 
I’ve learned along the way or some new way of doing something. I also help support the 
meeting in any fashion needed. I am also available each month for model judging or just 
critiquing. In September my Father (Paul Richardson, MMR) and I gave a 2 hour clinic 
on weathering at the National Narrow Gauge Convention which was held as an NMRA 
sponsored event this year. Marc LaChey and I have also given a clinic on why you 
would want to consider modeling narrow gauge at the Texas Western Train Show, the 
Plano Train Show and will so give it at our monthly Division meeting. Also at the Plano 
Train Show Jeff Palmer and I gave a 3 hour running clinic on scratchbuilding trees. 

Director-At-Large Art Houston reported: 

As a director at large in the LSR-NMRA my attention and efforts have been in the past 
year to continue to get the actions of the many participates of the model railroad 
community out to the public and other members of the LSR-NMRA. 

Through articles in the Marker Lamp, Facebook Pages, and You Tube I have carried the 
message of how the hobby can be satisfying and educational to all. 

Though work with the Clubs in my area and some in South Texas I have been able to 
spread their message to many people to come visit, join, and participate in the hobby. In 
Southeast Louisiana I organized and carried our home and club layout visits for the 
November the National Model Railroad Month. 

I am and will support the LSR-NMRA to become a self-sufficient organization to lead the 
way for those who follow. 

Director-At-Large Chuck Lind reported: 

Contacted 3 members who were close to renewal all promised to renew. Will check when 
the new reports come out. Thanks Jeff for including me. 

Vice President San Jac 100% club, in charge of programs. Have educational programs 
scheduled for each month for the balance of year. 

At the San Jac train show I am the contest room chair so will be handling entries and 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 55 

Page 9 of 16 

Department Reports 

Achievement Chair Duane Richardson reported: 

The LSR processed thirteen certificates since the annual meeting. 

Certificates/ A wards for the year: 



Bob Barnett 

Steve Blackson 

Chris Atkins 

Larry Swigert 



Gert Muller 

Bob Barnett 

David Cunnings 



Michael Ross 

Jeff Palmer 


Motive Power 

Jerry Wilson 

Jerry Wilson 


Jerry Wilson 

Lee Bangma 

Membership Co-chairs Larry Swigert, Mike Mackey reported: 

When I came on board as your Membership Chairman total LSR membership was in the 
900’s. As of today, January 30, the LSR Membership is 1057. This is due to a sizable 
growth in membership by three divisions that made up for loss in some of the others. 

Across the Nation, membership as a whole is slowly going down, with certain regions 
who are “doing NMRA the right way” making up for the declining membership in other 

Here are the figures for LSR per Division, with a couple of previous years included to 
give you some comparisons. I think they will pretty well speak for themselves: 


Membership Total as of Jan. 30 

Jan. 2014 

Jan 2006 

Division 1 (Ft. Worth) 


(-7 from 2014, +45 from 2006) 



Division 2 (New Orleans) 


( +7 from 2014, +29 from 2006) 



Division 3 (Dallas) 


(+24 from 2014, +46 from 2006) 



Division 4 (Austin) 


(+13 from 2014, +21 from 2004) 



The Marker Lamp 

Page 56 

Page 10 of 16 

Division 5 (Lubbock) 


( -3 from 2014, -15 from 2006) 



Division 6 (San Antonio) 


(No change from 2014, -19 from 2006) 117 


Division 7(Shreveport) 


(-1 from 2014, -9 from 2006) 



Division 8 (Houston) 


(-15 from 2014, -23 from 2006) 



You will note that in a time where memberships are declining in some areas of NMRA, 
the Dallas & Ft. Worth Divisions have combined their recruiting forces, the result being a 
gain in membership of 100 people since 2006. That makes the combined DFW Metro 
Area Membership to be over 400 people, with Dallas coming up to tie Houston for the 
largest Division in LSR. 

This was done using a sure-fire recruiting system that has the people in headquarters 
referring any Division or Region in NMRA to LSR Divisions 1-3 to see how it is done. 
When Jack Merkel took over Division 4, using this same system, he showed the second 
largest growth in LSR, with his membership total increasing 13 people in just one year. 
Ask Jack what he thinks of it. 

One might ask, “Yeah, but what kind of people are you recruiting with this system?” 

Here are a few examples: 

George Fogg - Won “Best in Show” at the convention his first year as a member. 

Mike Jobe - Won “Best in Show” at the convention his first two years as a new member. 
Casey and Cody Akin - Won Best in Show at the convention their first year. 

Donna Orr - Your Treasurer 

Jeff Palmer - Your Secretary, as well as four other primary jobs in LSR. 

Mike Mackey - Your Co-Convention Chairman for next year. 

Roy Stockard - Whose photo was one of the 12 featured in the 2014 NMRA Calendar. 
And the list goes on. . . All part of over 200 people added to the NMRA Membership in 6 
states using the “New LSR Recruiting Program”. THIS IS_ THE FUTURE OF LSR ! 

Also, the MONTHLY “NMRA” Division Meetings that are not affiliated with any club 
are attended each month in Division 3 by anywhere from 40 to a record of 138 people, 
with members coming each month from three other Divisions (most driving more than 
200 miles round trip) and also 5 people from Oklahoma. There is a huge need for 
education in the model railroading hobby and that is what we can all do in LSR in these 
Monthly Meetings for our members. Incidentally, the 501-C-3 status we are seeking is 
being presented on the grounds that our primary goal is “Education”. It is very important 
that all Divisions make sure that is their goal too and start initiating programs to back this 

And last, having an active AP Program is an important part of “member retention”. 
Division three has gone 41 straight months without missing a month of someone either 
getting a Regional or National AP Award. That should make us very proud in LSR as it is 
an NMRA Record by 23 months. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 57 

Page 11 of 16 

In closing let me say with all sincerity that if anyone would like help in their Division 
recruiting program or ANY OTHER Membership need, please feel free to give me a 
call. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can ! 

And remember, “It only works, if you work it !” 

Convention Chair Bill McPherson and 2014 Convention Chair Jack Merkel reported: 

Here are my comments on the 2014 LSR Convention - Bluebonnet Limited 

Things that went well: 

1 - We began negotiations with the hotel in June 2012-2 years ahead. The negotiations 
took 6 months and the contract was signed in Dec 2012. 

2 - We formed the convention planning committee Sept 2012. Our committee had 19 
people. We met 1 1 times. We had an excellent committee of very talented hard working 

3 - The web site was excellent in format and content. 

4 - We had an excellent program with 64 clinic slots which included repeat clinics, 10 
operating sessions spread over 3 time periods with 82 operating slots, 36 layouts on tour 
spread over 3 time periods, 3 prototype tours, 4 non-rail clinics, 3 non-rail events, a tour 
on the WB&S RR, a very large silent auction, good turnout in the contest room, 
outstanding banquet speaker, and a great raffle and door prizes. 

5 - Our publicity program using Larry Swigert and Jeff Palmer and the blast email 
program worked very well. 

6 - The convention was very profitable. 

7 - The Wyndham Hotel and Williamson Conference Center is an ideal location for a 
convention of our size. Their facilities are excellent. We are able to cater all meals at a 
reasonable cost. 

Things that could be better: 

1 - We should have blocked more room nights. The Saturday night block was too small. 
We had about 6 people at a nearby hotel (with the same room rate and breakfast included 
as the host hotel). 

2 - The silent auction program is written around MS Access. This program is no longer 
included on the newer computers with the normal MS package. We had a difficult time 
locating older computers that had the program. The LSR needs to rewrite the program in 

3 - The contest room program also uses MS Access. The LSR needs to rewrite the 
program in Excel. 

4 - The LSR needs to invest in a more user friendly blast email program. Larry Swigert 
and Jeff Palmer can tell you what is needed. 

5 - We guaranteed 209 dinners based on registrations and extra banquet ticket sales. 
However, only about 170 showed up for dinner. Similarly, we guaranteed 150 breakfasts 
but only about 100 showed up. We didn’t lose money, but could have made more. I 
don’t know what the solution to this problem is - just bank on a lot of no-shows. That is 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 58 

Page 12 of 16 

5 - A hospitality room in the convention building (not in the hotel) would be a good 

Publications Chair Riley Triggs reported: 

Report of year's activities : 

I began duties as Marker Lamp editor and publications chair in earnest on or about 1 
January of 2013 and have established a very smooth production process. I continue to 
have great support from chairs and directors, and I have started to attract other 
contributors. The additions of Gert “Speed” Muller and Bob Batson have begun to 
expand the reach and range of submissions to the ML, and will allow us to shift our 
attention to improving the quality of submissions and presentation of 
those submissions. 

Focus during this next year will be on featuring layouts of region members, as well as 
contest and AP recognition. 

I have not incurred any expenses this year. 

Areas to address: 

Advertising in Pike and Dealer ads needs attention. There has been some interest in 
upgrading ads to color, but no new pike nor dealers are participating. There has been no 
particular effort to acquire new ads this year, but this is an ongoing situation. 

Long term projects update: 

While updating and improving the Marker Lamp is the first task and main priority, I will 
begin to explore the possibilities for other longer range projects for publications. Initial 
ideas are in the realm of an historical narrative of the region's activities, profiles of the 
region's modelers and layouts, compilations of clinics and presentations at LSR 
conventions, etc. Projects may also include expanded media to include video, etc. that 
can take full advantage of digital delivery methods. Ideas, support and labor for these 
projects will also be solicited from the membership. 

Contest Co-chair Chuck Lind, Loren Neufeld reported: No Report 

Website Chair Jeff Palmer reported: 

The development for the new LSR Website was completed by March 1, 2014. Since that 
time, my attention has been making the website more “smart phone” aware. This has required 
the correction and elimination of some of the “short cut” coding techniques used in the 
original site. I believe this has been accomplished. 

The “Officer’s Only Page” has been added and updated to include Motions, Agenda, Reports, 
Roster, and other BOD relevant information. 

The “Election Bios” was added as the first step towards electronic balloting. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 59 

Page 13 of 16 

The February 2014 motion to have the “Convention Guide” made available on the website 
has not been done. To date Bill McPherson has not made the information available for 

Other activities performed include aiding the 2016 Convention committee with setting up the website. 

Historian Jim Long reported: 

I am going to investigate the prices equipment to read DVDs and see if I possible to have 
some means for attendees at the Region conventions can access the photographs of past 
conventions that the Region photographer send to me for the Region archives and to read 
the back issues of the Marker Lamp. I will have a report on my findings at the annual 
board meeting in Beaumont. 

Non-Rail Chair Virginia Freitag reported: No Report. 

Nominating Chair Blake Bogs reported: 

Next Election taking place February 15,2015 through April 15, 2015 Please 

Encourage your members to vote!!!!!! 

Division 2, 4, 6, 8 and Directors at Large — Running on 2016 Ballot 

The yearly notice to see if you are running will be going out in October, 2015 - Please 
check your email in this time period- 1 will need notice on whether or not you will be 
running. I will need your bio’s by December 1st, 2015. 

Special Elections: 

The special ballot passed with 141 members accepting the changes to the constitution and 
6 members rejected the changes to the constitution. We had 95.9% of the voters accept 
the changes, where 4.1% of the voters rejected the changes. 14.89% of the LSR members 
returned their ballots. This number is up from the December Election where 
approximately 1 1 .5% of the LSR members returned their ballots. 

The ballot said "The following ballot is to provide the necessary changes to allow the 
LSR to move forward with the 501(c)(3) by adding the purpose and dissolution wording 
provided by the IRS to the LSR Constitution, and secondly to provide greater clarity to 
the LSR Constitution over the term “mail”. MAIL, in today’s world, is generally accepted 
to include all forms of electronic mail, but at the last LSR board meeting, it was decided 
to add the phrase “mail is defined as postal mail, facsimile, or electronic mail/balloting” 
to increase the clarity of the LSR Constitution. Please provide your vote either “for” or 
“against” these updates." 

Changes will be coming to Election Soon: 

All Bio’s will be online for this election plus you now have the option to email your 
ballot in Hoping Ballot will be online by 2016 Election 
The Marker Lamp 

Page 60 

Page 14 of 16 

Photography Chair Dave Lamberts reported: No Report. 

Events Chair, Bill Dryden reported: No Report. 

Education Chair, Tracy Mitchell reported: No report. 

Youth Chair Bob Mangrum reported: 

Since assuming this position in June 2010, 1 have continued to send monthly reminders to 
each member of the board encouraging them to consider eligible and deserving young 
people to be nominated as their division representative for 2015. To date one youth has 
been nominated: 

Division 8 Stewart Schweers: 

As refresher information for the board, the following is reprinted from Article VI of our 

To accomplish this purpose, the LSR established a Youth Membership Program through 
which the LSR would sponsor a junior membership in the NMRA and LSR with the dues 
being paid by the Region Treasurer. Each Division Director will nominate a junior 
person from their division for inclusion in the Program; hence the possibility exits of 
having 10 young people sponsored each year as junior members of the NMRA. 

Nominations can come from several sources including individuals who are members of 
the division, clubs located within that division and/or the Division Director. Each 
nominee needs a short commentary stating why that individual should be included in the 
Junior Membership Program. Previous year selections cannot be considered for a second 
year in the program. Those that are selected should be monitored during the following 
year to track these young people’s progress as a model railroader and LSR member. The 
intention is to insure the new member receives some mentoring and has such a good 
experience within the LSR that they will continue to be an active member in the future. 

Parliamentarian Bob Mangrum reported: No Report. 

Special Election: Blake Bogs reported the results of the special election as noted above 
and Motion 2015-01-02 to accept the election results was presented by Blake Bogs, 
seconded by Jeff Palmer, and voted on by the BOD - PASSED 

Status of 501(c)(3): Steve Barkley reported that the IRS paper work has been filed by 
Donna Orr minus the letter Steve Barkley motioned and approved in June. 

Donna Orr presented the state of the region financially (see Treasurer Report) - No 
motion required (2015-01-03 with drawn - not required). 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 61 

Page 15 of 16 

Electronic LSR Convention Guide: Bill McPherson was directed by the BOD to make 
available in electronic form the LSR Convention Guide. Having failed to do so, he was 
told to make the information available to which he provided 2 binders. Not meeting the 
original request of “electronic”, both George Bohn and Mike Mackey made the 
electronic information available for Bill McPherson. The information will be reviewed 
and posted on the website. (Motions 2015-01-04 and 2015-01-05 with drawn). 

Contest Rule Changes: Steve Barkley held a special election for the contest rule 
changes. This election did not meet the Special Election requirements to fill a critical 
position on the board. Since the Contest Rule changes had been published in the Marker 
Lamp and the changes brought the contest rules in line with the NMRA national rules 
Motion 2015-01-06 was presented by Jeff Palmer, seconded by Mike Mackey and 
PASSED by the BOD. Having done so, still meets the 6 month rule for rule changes 
before the convention. 

By-Laws change to add Parliamentarian, Non-Rail, and Events Chair: Motion 2015- 
01-07 presented the position descriptions for the listed chairs. ART Houston presented 
the motion, Rod Fredericks seconded and the BOD PASSED the motion. 

Status of Bob Clarke Award: Chuck Lind was made aware that the funds were 
transferred from the San Antonio division to the LSR and Chuck is moving forward with 
the award program. 


Appointment - Division 8 Director - Jim Lemmond: Motion 2015-01-08 was 

motioned by Steve Barkley, seconded by Chuck Lind and PASSED by the BOD to 
approve Jim Lemmond as the Director for Division 8 until the next Division 8 election. 

Ratify the Youth Nomination: Jim Long provided a motion (Motion 2015-01-09) and 

seconded by Jeff Palmer to ratify the Youth Member Stewart Schweers. The motion 

Election/Staggered Elections: Blake Bogs presented Motion 2015-01-10. There was 
good discussion both for and against the motion. Steve Barkley called for a co mm ittee to 
study the proposal - Donna Orr, Blake Bogs, Rod Fredericks, and Kevin Bergeman. 
Motion tabled until July Annual meeting. 

LSR Facebook Site: Art Houston presented the idea of using Facebook for publicizing 
the LSR. To explore this option, Steve Barkly appointed the co mm ittee of Donna Orr, 
Art Houston, and Riley Triggs. Chris Atkins is locking in the name. 

Beaumont 2015 Convention Report: George Bohn: George presented his proposed 
agenda for the convention including a Saturday afternoon Annual Meeting for be 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 62 

Page 16 of 16 

followed by the BOD meeting. Jill Bohn presented the Non-Rail agenda. Both proposals 
were approved by the BOD. 

Dallas 2016 Convention Report: Mike Mackey and John Garfield: John Garfield 

presented the proposed 2016 Dallas Convention to the BOD. The convention was 
tentatively approved by the BOD pending contract review within the next 10 working 
days. The convention date is to be moved to a later date in the month. The Motion 2015- 
01-12 was made to delay voting on Motion 2015-01-11 to approve the Hotel contract for 
10 days - Donna Orr made the motion, Art Houston seconded the motion and the BOD 
PASSED the motion. The 2016 Convention link will be added to the LSR website under 
the Convention Info navigation item. 

Jeff Palmer provided a motion and seconded by Chris Atkins to adjourn the meeting. 
The motion designated as 2015-01-12 motion PASSED. The meeting was adjourned at 
11:57 am January 31, 2015. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 63 


Ralph Oxhandler 

As reported by his son, Nathan, it is sad to hear 
that his father Ralph Oxhandler who was an LSR member 
at two different times while living in the San Antonio 
area passed away on Jan 6, 201 5. 

Ralph performed publicity functions for the 1972 
Seattle NMRA Convention under the name"P. C. Shay". 

He also performed publicity for the 1 973 Atlanta Con- 
vention under the name "The General". 

He attended most of the clinics at Loyal Heights 
Field House and the Burien Hobby Center. During his 
time in the Pacific Northwest Region (PNR) of the NMRA 
he modeled primarily in HO scale but also worked in N, Z 
and Large Scale. Shay's were his big thing, having bought 
one of the first two truck models that Pacific Fast Mail 
(PFM) imported and was the first to buy the Pacific Coast 
Shay when they were released. He enjoyed going to the 
Cass Scenic Railroad many times over the years. 

Ralph joined the NMRA while we lived in the 
Baltimore, MD area with a date of January 1952 and over 
the years was a member of the PNR, PSR, SSR, LSR, and 
MER regions. 

No services are planned. If people wish, they may 
make a donation to the NMRA in his name. ML 

The Marker Lamp 

Director Reports 

Cowcatcher Division 1 

by Chris Atkins 

chris @railroadermodelers. com 
214 . 222.1285 

cowcatcherdivision. com 

Hi all, 

I’m writing this on Superbowl Sunday having just 
returned from the midyear board meeting in Beaumont. 
There are a lot of exciting things going on in the region, the 
DFW metroplex and our division. 

The region is in the process of being recognized as a 
501c3 non-profit. It was stressed at the mid-year board 
meeting that the primary focus of the LSR is education in 
the hobby. I would argue that no division has been as active 
educating the general public as the Cowcatcher division. 

This is been in part because of our involvement, and the 
commitment of the division members, in presenting clinics 
at the Plano train show. 

This year, like years past, division 1 members gave four 
clinics during the show. Clarence Zink discussed Iron & 

Steel Making and Milling, Don Murphey gave a clinic on 
installing switch machines, Don Winn presented a clinic 
targeted towards beginners building their first layout and I 
talked about Animation using Microcontrollers. 

Most of you have heard that the fall train show is not 
returning to the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall again. This is 
mostly because the City of Ft. Worth has been making it too 
expensive to hold a show in the Museum District. Besides the 
cost of the hall rising, they have started charging for things 
that were included before, like electricity, and we’ve seen the 
parking go from free, to $5 then $8 and now $10. 

We haven’t had any luck finding another location in 
Tarrant county that is big enough at a competitive price, 
so for now, the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs has 
voted to hold the fall show at the Plano Centre. The dates for 
this years show are September 26-27. More information can 

be found at http:// 

We had a meeting in November at the Cowtown club in 
Ft. Worth and I gave a preview of my Microcontrollers clinic. 
In January, the group got together at my house in Argyle and 
we watched an air brushing clinic DVD, explored my new 
layout room and my wife Janet made lunch. Afterwards, a 
few of us went to Dean Ferris’ fantastic layout in Decatur to 

Dean is an excellent example of the work being done 
in our division. His n-scale Oregon Joint Line layout really 
gives the visitor the of the basalt canyons common in the 
Pacific Northwest. More information can be found on 

Dean’s layout here: forum/index. 

php?topic=3 1 904.0 

I’ve made some progress on my new layout since the division 
meeting. I had the two chimneys removed and Matt Latham 
and I removed walls to make way for the layout. By the time 
you read this, there should be some benchwork up. The 
goal is to have part of the layout operating in time for the 
2016 LSR convention and DFW Interchange. I’m trying to 

document the progress at h ttp : // sheridanwest . blogspo t . com/ 

The next division meeting will be held March 14. We have 
been invited to Michael Ross’ home to visit his very nice 
O-scale layout. I’m looking for someone to present a clinic. 

If you have one you’d like to do, please email me at chris@ or call me at 469-438-0741. I’ll send 
out more information by email and post it to the Cowcatcher 

Division website at http:// 

Hope to see you all in March. 

Northern Pacific passenger train on Dean Ferris freelanced Oregon 
Joint Line. 

Bayou Division 2 

by Rod Fredericks 

Fredericks. rod@gmail. com 

225 - 939-0187 

Rod couldn’t file a report this issue. 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 65 

North East Texas Division 3 

Wf L - 

by Jerry Ho verson, MMR 

/y , jL 

jhoverson @tx. rr. com 

WW 1 ^ %.J 


Hi all, hope you had a great holiday and have been busy 
working on winter modeling projects. 

The Trinity River Division monthly meetings have 
been rolling along. In October Craig Tribuzi presented his 
collection of photos as well as some history of the famous 
Tehachapi Loop. 

Craig Tribuzi s photo ofTehachipi Loop An N scale intermodal well car 

The best, or worst, of it is that Craig had been out of 
town on a business trip and had car problems on the way 
back. This caused him to be days late and actually drive all 
night to get to the meeting in time to show is stuff. Now 
there’s a team player for you, we let him go home early and 
go to bed right after his presentation. 

An N scale intermodal well car printed with the Forml (photo by Gert 
“Speed” Muller) 

In addition to that, the October meeting saw Gert Muller 
present a live clinic and demonstration of using a 3D printer 
to make small parts. It’s the coolest new tool since the laser 
printer. Man, has the hobby come a long way!!!! 

Speaking of new things in the hobby, have you had a 
chance to listen to the new SoundCar Decoders? Well, we 

not only got to listen to them but Allan Gartner presented 
a “how to install and use” clinic on them in our November 
meeting. As Allan explained you probably only want to run 
a sound car in every 3rd or 4th car to keep it realistic, any 
more than that and it could get over powering. Again, cool 
new stuff for the hobby! 

We then took a break from the normal type of meeting 
to have our annual Holiday party at Donna & Roger’s in 
December. Great time, lots of food and drink, a fun time 
with the White Elephant Gift exchange and a ton of prizes 
were given away thanks to the efforts of Larry Swigert! This 
year we added an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest. Not a 
lot of participation (maybe better next year) but Cody Akins 
out did everyone with his sweater that included a cabin and a 
pine tree sticking out from his chest!! 

As Eve mentioned in this article before, Eve moved 
and have started a whole new layout. One of the regular 
departments at our meetings has been the “Re-birth of the 
Rocky Mountain Central” were Eve been giving updates and 
showing pictures of the progress so I thought Ed pass on a 
shot here. The benchwork is done, the backdrop, lighting, 
and valance is done and were starting to add sub-roadbed. 
Things should pick up since I will be retired by the time you 
read this and will be spending a lot more time on the new 

Lots more to come so “Keep rolling down the tracks” 
and we’ll see you next time! 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 66 

CenTex Division 4 

by Peter Kazmir 
pakazmir@gmail. com 

Cen TexNMRA. ore 

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. It was a 
little more relaxing in our Division than it had been for the 
previous several months. 

Our last division meeting was on November 22 at 
the Round Rock Library. Steve Nelson gave an excellent clin- 
ic on modeling trees. In addition, we had a great Show and 
Tell, including a large Great Lakes ore ship, the S.S. Edmund 
Fitzgerald. We also had our usual DCC Minute (the final 
one with Tom Pearson, who we will miss), social time, and 
Deal or Duds. After the meeting we toured not one, not two, 
but THREE layouts: Van Henrys Pennsylvania Railroad, 

Jack Merkey’s Lone Star and Santa Fe, and Tex Copsettas 
SP Shasta Route, which will be featured in the 2016 issue of 
Great Model Railroads. Pictures from the meeting and layout 

tours are online at 1. 

Dick Sowash and his theory on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 

Steve Nelson gives a clinic on trees (with some smelly stuff). 

David Barrow, Pete Guy, Jack Merkel, and David 
Nicastro have all hosted operating sessions during the past 
few months as well. 

Going forward, our Division has agreed to take over 
ownership of the Austin Model Railroad Jamboree. We are 
busy making plans for evolving this already great event into 
something even better. Stay tuned for details! 

Our next division meeting will be on March 7 
starting at 10:00 am at the Round Rock Library. Kennedy 
Gauger will be giving a clinic about using digital cutters to 
make paint masks. We will have a DCC Minute, our Show 
and Tell Table, social time, and Deal or Duds. After the 
meeting we will be touring Riley Triggs’ new Hoboken Shore 

The library is located at 216 E. Main St. in Round 
Rock. On 1-35, exit at RR 620 (Exit 252B) and proceed 
East on RR 620 for a few blocks to the intersection with 
Main St. and continue East on Main St. for another block 
and half to the library on the left. A map and more informa- 
tion about the meeting can be found at http : / / centexnmra. 
org/ meetingnotice.html . 

Were looking forward to a great 2015, especially the 
upcoming LSR convention in Beaumont. Hope to see you 

Sam Nicastws locomotive progress 

Jerry Wilsons LED tester 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 67 

Division 5 

by Dave Lamberts 

DavidWL 1 944@aol. com 

Dave couldn’t file a report this issue. 

Jamboree. It is expected to be a good show as usual with 7-9 
layouts. Other than SANTRAK and NBHRM’s T-Trak I’m 
not sure who has committed to exhibit, but we usually see 
GWMRS, TEXLUG-SA, Aust-N-Trak, and San Antonio 
Garden Railroad Society (SAGRS). 

National Train Day is May 9, 2015, San Antonio usually 
has a well-organized event put on by the San Antonio 
Railroad Heritage Museum (SARHM, those are the folks 
working to restore SP 794) on the AMTRAK platform in 
downtown San Antonio. 

Division 6 

by Kevin Bergeman 

kevin. bergeman @gmail. com 


On Nov 15 - 16, 2014 the New Braunfels Historical 
Railroad and Modelers Society (NBHRMS) held its 6th 
Annual Fall Train Show. Unfortunately I was unable 
to attend due to an out-of-town wedding; however, I 
understand that it was a good show with layouts being 
exhibited by all the usual suspects: San Antonio N-Trak 
Association (SANTRAK), Gulf Western Modular Railroad 
Society (GWMRS), Texas Lego Users Group - San Antonio 
(TEXLUG-SA), Aust-N-Trak, NBHRMS T-Trak, and others 
that Em sure Em forgetting. 

On December 6, 2014 the South Texas Division held its 
first Division Meet in a very long time. SANTRAK hosted 
the morning session and 1 1 Members participated. It was an 
informal meet & greet with discussion on what we’d like to 
see the Division accomplish. We did preliminary planning 
for a more extensive Division Meet in the Spring. We then 
adjourned for lunch at a local restaurant, and then several 
of us took up the San Antonio Model Railroad Association 
(SAMRA) on their offer to participate in their Saturday 
afternoon Ops Session. 

SAMRA held their 39th Annual Jamboree & Train Show 
January 24-25. Layouts on exhibit included NBHRM’s 
T-Trak layout, the Hill Country Outlaws, GWMRS, 
SANTRAK, TEXLUG-SA, Tinplate Trackers, and SAMRA’s 
own HOn3 portable layout. The Carmack Event Center 
is gradually upgrading their facility, so this show was better 
than the last 2. 

Up-coming events include: 

March 28, 2015 is the South Texas Division Spring 
Meet. Again, the morning will be hosted by SANTRAK 
and the afternoon by SAMRA. The morning will include 
2 clinics, a “show & tell”, and AP Judging for anyone 
who needs it. The afternoon will again be an Ops Session 
at SAMRA. Division members should receive a flyer in 

Come April 11 - 12, 2015 we will descend on New 
Braunfels once again for the 27th Annual Train Show 

The Marker Lamp 

Division 7 

by Don Kimmell 
elf4kcs@mac. com 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy 
New Year, and Santa brought you all sorts of good toys! 

First off, the Longview show has been canceled. 

That is it on the local train show circuit until the Jefferson 
folks have their in mid-May, so more about that to come. 

I just found out a couple of days ago, one local 
member was involved in an auto accident, fairly serious, so 
lets all hope he is on the mend. 

The ArkLaTex crew had another successful run at 
the Shriner’s Hospital during the holidays. I didn’t get to 
participate due to the Holiday Express (Elf Story earlier in 
this issue). From what I was told when I returned from the 
northlands, they had a wonderful time, in fact I understand 
Santa paid a visit while they were there, asking where “. . .is 
my Polar Express?” The kids really enjoyed it. 

Speaking of the Polar Express, I was asked by the 
local Barnes & Nobel Book Store to do a reading of the book 
for the kids the first Friday in December. This was the night 
before I boarded the Holiday Express, so I agreed. Wow, is all 
I can say, according to the manager there, this was the biggest 
crowd that they have ever had for any reading. 

There were about 35-40 kids, age 3 to 10 there, and 
they really got into it. I also handed out some Operation 
Lifesaver coloring books w/crayolas, and that was a hit. My 

Photo by Nancy Gene Kimmell 

Page 68 

Photo by Nancy Gene Kimmell 

wonderful wife took some pictures, which should be in here 

This was the first time I have ever done anything like 
that, and it was a blast, course, I had to let the kids see the 
book as I was reading it, have you ever tried to read a book.. 
Upside down! Try it. I mentioned that the KCS’ Holiday Ex- 
press would be in town the next night, and if you didn’t want 
to wait too long, get there really, really early, or late. Well, 
the first three families the next night were from my reading 
the prior night. Fun! 

That is all I have from here. Hope to see everyone at 
the convention in July, in Beaumont. 

Texas Gulf Division 8 

by Jim Lemond 

The San Jacinto Model Railroad Club’s Fall Layout 
Tour has concluded. This month long series of open houses 
in the Houston area was a celebration of the NMRA’s Model 
Railroad Month. The area covered was from Bryan/College 
Station to Beaumont/Orange and Conroe to Galveston. This 
event is organized by Craig Brantley each year for the San Jac 
Club. Come visit next and see the many model train layouts 
in the Greater Houston area. Information is available on the 
San Jacinto Model Railroad Club’s web site 
http:// . 

The web site for LSR 2015 is now up with new in- 
formation about the convention being added daily. The URL 
for the web site is: . The dates for 
the convention are: July 22 to July 25, 2015. 

The National Narrow Gauge Convention 2015, is 
ouston on September 2 to September 5, 2015. for the convention 

meeting in F 
The web site 

is operational with information and pictures for this event. If 
you would be interested in presenting a clinic to a national 
and international audience relevant to narrow gauge railroad 
modeling, please contact Chuck Lind or Craig Brantley . 

1 __ 

r O/&2~L 

G 1 

Click to join the Lone Star 
Region and the NMRA 


The Marker Lamp 

Page 69 

Chair Reports 


by Blake Bogs 

superchief 1 520@gmail. com 
(713) 254-7447 

Well the Christmas tree has been put away, all the family 
has gone home, and I am now fat from all the fantastic food! 
But unfortunately the month after Christmas is a depressing 
time for me. I have to go back to school and leave the model 
railroad behind for another five months until summer rolls 
around again. Hopefully for y all, it means that construction 
will once again resume on your own model railroads. 

During Thanksgiving, I was thinking about all the bless- 
ings we have being in the LSR. Instead of losing members in 
the LSR, our numbers have been growing. We have some of 
the best officials and members in the NMRA. I strongly feel 
like I would not be in the position I am today if it was not 
for Steve Barkley and all those that encouraged me along the 
way. The 2009 convention in Dallas hosted by Jerry Hov- 
erson sold me on the LSR and helped me understand what 
model railroading was really about. Model Railroading is all 
about friendship. 

This is what volunteering in the LSR is all about. 
Friendship. Every time we have a new member step through 
the doors at a divisional meeting, board meeting, or a LSR 
convention, our board and volunteers make them feel 
welcome. If we do not have any more volunteers, our hobby 
and division will stop growing and teenagers will not join the 

January also means ballots will be soon sent out. Over 
the next two years, you will see several changes coming. The 
first change to look for is concerning ballot returns. You can 
now vote simply by checking off a box on the upcoming 
ballot and sending it back to me either by email or by mail 
to me. Second, I have now posted all the bios online. You 
are now able to put a name to a face and hear the full history 
of each candidate. This is an extreme improvement over last 
year. I had to cut down bios last year due to space in the 

Finally, you will notice the ballot due dates have been 
pushed back. Ballots are due April 15, 2015 instead of March 
15, 2015. While talking to Steve Barkley, we decided to send 
out the ballot and convention registration out at the same 
time. Therefore, we had to push back the ballot mailings 
until February to allow this. 

Also, please start thinking about the future. We need 
candidates for the next election in 2016! The 2016 election 
consist of our 3 Presidents at large, Division 2 Director, Divi- 
sion 4 Director, Division 6 Director, and Division 8 Direc- 

If you have any questions, please email me at super- or call me at 713-254-7447. If Em 
available, I will be happy to answer. But if not, leave me a 
message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please 
note, I have a new email address. 

Happy Model Railroading! 

Blake Bogs, 

LSR Nominations Chair 

Youth Program 

by Bob Mangrum , MMR 

rmangrum6@hotmail. com 

(325) 643-1219 

The Youth Membership Program is an excellent way for the mem- 
bers of the LSR to bring new and young members into the NMRA and 
to become involved in what is truly the ‘world’s greatest hobby 

This is the stated objective of the Youth Membership 
Program as found in Article VI of the LSR bylaws. The pro- 
gram is designed to sponsor up to nine young people with 
one year memberships in the NMRA. The total number is 
determined as one nominee for each division and one nomi- 
nated by the elected officers and directors at large. 

These nominees can originate from nominations by indi- 
viduals who are members of the various divisions, clubs that 
are located within the divisions, and/or the division director. 
The proper form and a short sketch explaining why the can- 
didate should be considered, including comments about the 
young persons interests and activities in model railroading 
comprise the application. Please refer to the bylaws for more 
details. If you have questions, please contact me by e-mail at: Looking forward to announcing 
more awards for 2015! 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 70 


by Donna Orr 
dlo-rls@sbcglobal. net 

(972) 342-8598 

Financial Report Membership Report 

For the Third Fiscal Quarter of 2014/2015 At the beginning of November 2014, the membership 

was 1020, and at the end of January 2015 the membership 

Beginning Balance 1 1/01/2014 

was 1031. 

LSR Checking Account 

$ 5,775.18 

Vanguard CD Fund 


Please welcome our new members listed below: 

Vanguard Convention Fund 


Acct receivable for 201 5 Convention 

$ 2,000.00 

Division 1 

Total LSR Net Worth 


Henry Stinson 

Fort Worth, Tx 

Johnnie Harris 

Mansfield, Tx 

Not included in Total LSR Net Worth 

Cameron Wallace 

Arlington, Tx 

Funds for the Bob Clark Award $570 

Division 2 

LSR Proceeds 

Ken Mason 

Kenner, La 

Vanguard CD Fund Interest 

$ .51 

Maureen Mason 

Kenner, La 

Vanguard Convention Fund Interest 

$ .24 

Jay Whitehurst 

Metairie, La 

Pike/Dealer Ad 

$ 91.00 

Don Fos 

New Orleans, La 

Convention 2014 Proceeds 


Total Proceeds 


Division 3 

William West 

Grand Prairie, Tx 

Ken Brasch 

Dallas, Tx 

LSR Disbursements 

Convention chair expenses 

$ 109.84 

Division 4 

Convention 2015 Advance 

$ 2,000.00 

Greg Skov 


Total Disbursements 


Sandra Lewellen 

Bryan, Tx 

Net Proceeds/ Disbursements 

$ 1,355.02 

Division 5 

Dusty Garison 

Abilene, Tx 

Ending Balance 01/31/2015 

Bob Gillispie 


LSR Checking Accounts Total 

$ 7,129.45 

Vanguard CD Fund 


Division 6 

Vanguard Convention Fund 


Ronnie Pitcock 

S Padre Island ,Tx 

Acct receivable for 201 5 Convention 

$ 2,000.00 

John Miller 

San Antotnio,Tx 

Total LSR Net Worth 


Division 8 

Not included in Total LSR Net Worth 

Stephen Shryock 


Funds for the Bob Clarke Award 

$ 570.00 

Michael Gulino 

Houston, Tx 

Corey Morgan 

Cypress, Tx 

James Kelly 

Houston, Tx 

The Marker Lamp 

Page 71 

AM about ttte community 
of jnodW TOlPmrifria 

Dealer Ads 

tml rarf enffiu-MsiTi.’ 

Advertise your layout here 

Proud supporter 
of the 

... in color! 

| Lone Star Region 


972 - 342-8598 


1 fivrt%- ccwectewn wpuft# 


Pike Ads 

Blackland Switching Company 

tixminiil cum 

Tom Browning MMR, Owner 
5923 Over Downs Circle 
Dallas, Tews 75230-4039 

2 14-692-9?B4 ttwfpojebMX M ff yahw jom 

Tall Pine Lumber Company RR 

Wt si Owt ] -ogling in ( )il3 
OlUtk &l I ±lui it: J in J 
.YtfOCoimry lloscl 324 
Nxv^sota, Texas 778 fi 8 

Teja ■ Western Model Railroad Club 

t*Ji fe'FimflnTW, Eonrtf H# n HMG I'UJ.i MJ,™ 

E-j«it bOw HO 1 H 03 Uy*il 


Thur^s 7 ffl MJ lu 9 : 30 PM 

Hom?crilh«t r#a*LWpd#rn Trar Uraw 

^lui*T|i-. MO PM W 5 * W PM 



The Kentuckians Line 
Jim Long Pearland, Tesas 



bayou cirr » cut # 

aww ha^konNrxttrrtrtl ora 




ThcSeeillC I-incUnmutllt Southern Indiana 

Jtm Long Pcartend* Texas 


Pan nsyl vania Railroad 
Laurel Valley Secondary 

Pittsburgh Division Circa 1957 
Brady & Jane McGuire, Sherman. Texas 
9 C 3 - 8&&- 2720 

Sou'hwettern Penney van a m Texas □ Scale 





The l>t tir-ly Make It Route 
A 6 * Division of the 
Ark-La-Tcx Modular Chib 
Tom White Hu ugh ton, La. 




^ mineral 



Bin Diydtn 
4 ti 94 ti 4 - 8 STl 

{jcorgcrnwri, IbdS 
JjfL- Mi'jiioci N'MRA & L5R 

smart businessmen... 


ftin 44 Nrw iWk RiiIiim J 





(HC-tfl-: I.AN't ( fl^CMKEC JAL >T 

W.LZgfcn A.olahn 

J»A« r*H USB -™ir** DiN'KO iurl 

Tara Dawn W aliei 

rpt h /Alt. 1DIH" 

TraFtu IVjir: 37tMJ7«2 


flileyTriqgs J ponyiLblogipofrom 

Pike Ads 

Your Pike Ad can be in color! Contact Donna Orr at 

WmmtThyndm ?ta icni 

V* B* mum, I !■: iL Lr, l Plfi !■ 

Tlnmhp or™ MW «tnwr|.r, OJ mx Frr-» i Ju ul+ 

ph Li ■ +u ;*i S| Go *q* i? o» i.*ii-k-j* 2 2 f**i+ '0 
J !■ "v'my W lu'n^hl, (tfill ] I Tu>* 

r-Sht-M k . Ipgk 1 $r p* tele?. buidfifc wtt j r+d rc-aP 
P O. GO* 111M. II rfib» itVll Ml-UU 

Dallas, Texas 

to HO cifi liflxit bwig bud 
Ed operate* Featunrg DCC 

3«^pk|l*f^|, UM \ de{KtlKli. 

ajnpuiaiizfld d«spa*diing 

YVe djit-wLV fiaw open rgs fc* afl f 'sres^ and ski ewb 
** a Tiwdty* at 7 30 ift ft* hi^^Caa^ 
Warahww - now the Swii Sde cn La-*ar Ekifling [usi 
south tit the oonwnbofi center n do^rflowi DaTas 

www. ratfro adm o do-tor s ca rr> 







Graham Branch 
Southern Division 

‘Serving Jaeksburo Since lS98 v 

Libert Smith, Supt. 

<Lirl;md H TX 
barbel 518@sbc|a.lohaLnct 




(, Formally the LMRA Railroad Club) 

Fort Worth, Texas 

An HO-scale, EasyDCC operating club rising 
from the ashes of a club that was forced to 
relocate and is in the process of constructing a 
new layout. Visit our website for membership 
and contact information. 

Gold Rail Award Winner 2009, 2010 & 2013 


,*, 1.4 south ,* 


DttftJE 5PASflLEFL?R£3 
M£M£ii r i 

3»i flainpCtft 

sw ova ti rmtm 




Jerry Schoenberg 

C h f roll ton , To kb a (97 2> 2 42-9053 

artfe ny0« ot .com 

www. dovetai I stud i o . co m/tra i n s 

Model Railroaders 

Galveston Model Railroad 
Club and Museum 

314 27th Street 
Galveston TX 77550 

Gilbert Freitas Houston. Terras 


.■■TI l L .h:ktl 

niinjiiH. IfentTOQlH 


L-.thhI - | .m p»:kfr4=4Kgiobn] net 
Wdwilc - Wft^'.NLVADLl^lUULItOAD COM 


Locjlrrt in (Ilf Hob Clark* HtrUljjft kail Moktailt 
«0# Vf, Fi. I , ah dm and Museum 
7TB2 Nar™*, P«v, Un 0*1*. lt%m* TtMJ. 

Art Houston’s 

Grande Pacific Model Railroad 

Houma, LA 
YouTube Channel: arthurhouston3 

mJUI^^AYA.v7 D 

Mid South Railroad Club 



Mmine* #r< l 9 * Frida f vitwry itiunili. 


'I Yu ttij; Train Shun -i l!m,n Tear in Jjnuin inti Jiik 

V jilt for tic rail t * mi m drfkr ?v«n 

■l n riHihini Ji Nnrllif-rn JA-R < nniiin-rnnrjilik-* ll«Kin 
Ur call Ron Xmfcl Zl> faS3 -5 IHJj 

We are empty 
without you 

Deadline for 
submissions is 
April 15 

- Lamp 

submittals and inquiries | rileytriggs<